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At some point there just has to be a disobedience of some laws. Just everyone flat out ignoring them.

Why is it that we cannot hold lawmakers accountable for shit?

I agree with that. Lawmakers should be a lot more accountable than they are now. Either that or we need a mixed system between what we have now and the public being able to vote on some laws, even if the final decision is not taken by the public. But it would be great if people could have a more direct influence on the laws being made, even if it's just only a few of them where the public can participate.

For example it could be a 2 step process where for laws that could be very important and they think the public might want to weigh in on the matter, they could vote whether the law should be voted by the public or not. And even then if say 60% of the public vote NO and are against the law, the politicians could still decide to pass the law, but obviously they could get a lot of bad press if its considered they didn't respect the people's wishes.

I think a mixt system like that or something similar, could be better than what we have today because then we wouldn't have politicians do everything regardless of what the public says, and it also not go to the extreme where you'd have a completely liquid democracy and all votes would be voted by the public.

I'd like to see a system that takes the best of both worlds. I don't know what the exact balance should be, but it could be debated and eventually we could come out with a realistic formula. For example it could be decided that if 51% says NO, then the public has the final decision. But we'd also have to consider a minimum number of voters to make sure the decision would be statistically correct for the whole population.

Unfortunately in this case, if the public were voting on the PROTECT IP Act, I can imagine the majority would vote for it because Piracy is Bad.

My family has somehow associated the word "download" with stealing. If I say anything about downloading a piece of software, I get lectured that Piracy is Bad, regardless of the fact that it's usually open source/free.

The money for next years budget or your local schools would be on the bill as well. You woudn't vote against money for schools would you?

This is how the system already works. When you have a bill that no one can realistically vote against, a bunch of junk gets tacked on to the end.

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