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I'll give David credit where it's due - Rework is an excellent book, ROR has a great fanbase, and 37Signals products are generally very well executed.

However I find myself paying little attention to anything he says because it's all just so negative. I unfollowed him on Twitter because I just found every single one of his tweets to be criticising someone else or someone else's business. There's only so much negativity you can take from one person. </2ยข>

I understand the distaste for negativity in general, but if you have a quota on the amount of negativity taken "from one person", then you're judging the person rather than the message. Why not evaluate the argument on its own merits?

I'd like to see less discussion of "David" and "Zed"'s peccadillo on this site. A cult around someone's personality flaws is just as vapid as a cult around someone's personality. The well-worn proverb goes, "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

I haven't heard that proverb before, and yes, I can see how you can apply it. I think that maybe this is being overanalysed slightly, I don't mean to apply a quota to anyone. I hardly think this qualifies as a 'cult'.

I just think that overall very little of what DHH has to say is praising or supportive of anything. Yes, that's judging the person, but only after I've judged the messages for the several months I was reading what he had to say. It's mostly things like this - "Forbes isn't exactly known as the pinnacle of journalism, but their latest piece on Salesforce was too much" - I can make my own mind up about Forbes' quality of journalism. He states that as a fact, not an opinion.

For what it's worth, I agree with you 100%. That said, you're fighting a losing battle on this one - the majority of HNN readers seem to think that as long as you've written a famous piece of software, it's perfectly reasonable to carry on like a sniping, petulant child. Spewing vitriol and sarcasm is being "visionary" instead of "douchey."

How is he stating it that makes it a fact? It's clearly a blog entry which would immediately categorize it as an opinion. I think you already have a certain distate for David so anything he says, no matter how true, will fall on your deaf ears.

If you've ready any OpEd articles in reputable newspapers, they're not going to start their column with "this is my opinion of x". Rarely would writers use phrases like "I feel" or "I think" -- it's already implied.

Unfollowing people from Twitter or from your feed-reader is just sane and even required, as sometimes you just need to cut the noise.

But I think that you're going out of your way to criticize David, judging by your other comment too.

Personally I like his opinions; he has a gift of cutting through the bullshit that is refreshing. That doesn't mean that he's always right or that his opinions matter in any way, but the guy has fine taste for what's important for him and you can learn something from that behavior.

I'll take this point to clarify just what I mean. I totally agree when you say "he has a gift of cutting through the bullshit". And I think that's great, which is why I started following him on Twitter in the first place. I wanted to hear some more 'controversial' opinions from a guy who has quite a fanbase.

Yes - this is a generalisation - but, ultimately, I just found almost everything he said was criticising of something or someone else. To me personally, it feels like he was ultimately just trying to find fault with anything he could lay his hands on, like his job is a professional condemner.

And perhaps some people think that is one of his best skills and attributes, cutting through the bullshit - but I think he is a developer and an entrepreneur. And my view is that from developers, I want to hear things about technology and programming, and from entrepreneurs I want to hear about enterprise and innovation, by all means throw in a certain degree of pillory but I just don't want every single damn tweet to be lambasting someone else!

Maybe I am going out of my way to rail against him, and maybe that's hypocritical. I'm sorry. But when you're criticising for the sake of criticising, I feel that is unnecessary, and that's how it comes across to me.

Having written all that, this comes to mind: http://xkcd.com/386/ ;)

How does Re-Work compare to Getting Real?

They're different. There's certainly some cross-over. Rework is more tailored to businesses in general, whilst Getting Real is more specifically about launching web-based businesses (particularly web applications).

I don't like your negativity Jack, consider yourself unfollowed </1c>

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