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I think the OP was unreasonably harsh on DigitalOne (never heard of them let alone have any interests). It is very possible that they are consumed with FBI questioning, gag orders or who knows what else. I would give them a pass for a few days until more detail comes out.

I think so too. He says:

   I have no idea whether I’ll ever see the server again
In this case the host probably doesn't know better than him. According to the NYTimes they are a swiss company, they only rent space and connectivity from the data center.

I see people jump up and down accusing their host being a bad host when their websites go down for 10 minutes. The thing is, shit like this happens all the time. Some years ago even Rackspace was taken offline because a truck hit their data center. Bizarre, right? Yes, but it did happen.

The problem with DigitalOne was a complete lack of communication around this event. It was a long time (and a lot of badgering) before any of us learned anything about what had happened. I can sympathize with being busy during a crisis, but total silence for 24+ hours, with no working website, email, status page, or twitter account, is not acceptable.

Yeah, that is what hosting companies often lack: communication with their customer during crisis. I totally agree that DigitalOne should inform their customers about the incident and they handled the case poorly. But, like I said, put all the blame on them is too harsh.

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