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This is great news! Nevada is pretty consistently willing to be the reference case on a lot of forward-thinking ideas.

Prostitution, Gambling, 24-hour alcohol sales, Driverless cars, rentable fully automatic weapons!

Come to Nevada, we are the FUTURE!

EDIT: I was not actually bemoaning any of these, uh, services. I lived in Nevada for a few years and aside from the fact that I was traumatized against it by the game Fallout - actually like Nevada. It is one of those states that actually fantastic to live in if you have enough money/your own business.

I plan to retire back to the Nevada side of Tahoe. Lets see how well those driverless cars handle snow.

No drive-thru beer vendors like Texas?

There are drive through liquor stores in some counties.

There used to be a drive thru liquor store in Reno on the corner of Keystone and 4th street - but they closed the drive-thru window ~1990

They still have some harsh drug laws though.

While Washoe and Clark counties are the two largest with Reno and Las Vegas being the two largest population centers there's a large rural and conservative population that prevents many progressive laws from passing.

To be honest, at least half of those sound like perfectly reasonable ideas. Aside from machine guns, I'm not sure there's a strong logical argument to outlaw any of them.

There aren't people just wandering around with machine guns you can however rent them for use at various ranges.

For example: http://www.lasvegasgunrange.net/RangeRentals.aspx

Presumably, the machine guns are only rentable at the range - what's the logical argument against that?

Because they are fun.

No, really. What better way to pretend you're a gangster or action hero for the day?

Why do people want machine guns at the gun range in the first place?

(Genuinely curious. I've never held a gun before in my life, so I wouldn't know.)

They are fun to shoot.

I'll take your word for it...

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