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Ooh, node on Azure. Finally a good excuse for a .Net guy like myself to finally play around with Node.

This doesn't surprise me, but it does amaze me. What was stopping you from playing around with Node before? I know that comes off as flippant, but I'm genuinely interested in understanding this self-imposed limit on learning.

I'm speculating, but...Barrier to entry? If you're not familiar with the UNIX stack then getting up to speed on that just to play with node might not seem like a great idea (especially if you don't have a lot of spare time) or lack of applicability? It can often be really frustrating to get up to speed on something you know you're never going to be allowed to use in your current job. Some places are MS-or-the-highway shops...

Basically, what josephcooney said. It would take some time for me to become familiar enough with UNIX before I could really play around with it. There are plenty of new things and shiny objects in the .Net world to keep a developer busy and sometimes its hard to justify the time when I know I couldn't use it right away.

And for what its worth, I'm actually working full time at my startup which is based on .Net and running on Azure. :)

Edit - Btw I enjoyed your thoughts on this post: http://www.openmymind.net/2011/5/3/Dealing-with-Now-and-why-...

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