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This is way off-topic, but that last frame of the extra credit looks like a beautiful color scheme for a website. Not that I'm going to steal it, you know, or anything..

That inherent beauty and balance which you pick up on is a part of why the original photograph is such a great one.

Speaking as an amateur photographer, that strikes me as ridiculous.

Look what happens if you reduce the original picture to four pixels algorithmically: http://i.imgur.com/q2z3w.png

Point being, the final four-squares image in the pixel series bears no relationship at all to the original photograph beyond a color scheme which is only reminiscent of (not identical to) the original. And the color scheme wasn't the original photographer's invention, anyway.

If there's any "inherent beauty" or "balance" in that last picture, with just four squares of color, it was put there by the artist who made the series of pixel versions.

I was referring to the colors in the original picture, not the four-square thing. The four-square is merely a distillation of the original photo (and no it is not algo-correct but who cares?)

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