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Ask HN: Developers, how do I as a product manager collaborate better with you?
1 point by ankyth27 29 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Working as product manager, my success depends more on developers & other collaborators. What do you think we as product managers can do to ease your lives and enable better collaboration?

It depends - are you a product manager, or something closer to a project manager?

If product, then I (as a developer) want you to contribute things that I can't do (or don't have time to do):

* detailed market-analysis of competitors/features etc. * stakeholder research * good numerics/understanding of MVT tests and how to evaluate results, avoiding common causes of bias

I don't want us to vote on features, I want you to have a solid evidence-based approach to prioritise product changes.

I also want you to:

* know the product better than anyone else, including me (if things are only specified in code/buried than that needs fixing) * showcase your research/evidence/learnings to the team regularly * collaborate closely with devs/leads/dev manager to balance tech tasks with new features

I think collaboration counts. With all actors.

Eg. Event storming tries to solve this in a non-remote world.

But it's harder to apply this on a remote world.

( And some people just went to be less involved too. So it's not like i have a definitive answer, just a suggestion according to personal experience)

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