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Bitcoin Blockchain Visualization (iohk.io)
267 points by runpat 24 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 43 comments

Truly art for art's sake this, and such a beautiful mirror on Bitcoin: I could feel the warmth of a thousand miners coming from my laptop while opening this.

Nah, that was just the GPU kicking to Ludicrous speed to render.

OP was saying the same thing; but with eye of an artist.

"They should have sent a poet."

Does that line have any source pre-Contact? I love that scene, just curious if that script was original and I can't find any earlier references.

The fly mode reminds me of the 3D scenes from the movie "Hackers" from 1995 where they "flew" through the system looking for interesting files

Also the MS Excel simulator Easter egg.

Hack the planet!

txstreet is a bit more informative as a visualizer https://txstreet.com/v/btc-eth

not really because blocks contain transactions of many transaction fees, not just the highest transaction fees

its always bugged me about txstreet, but I didn't have other visualizations to suggest, now I do

txstreet is basically a propaganda site for BCH, that's why it doesn't really care about accuracy.

When opening with Firefox (in private tab, with uBO) it tells me to upgrade my browser because internet explorer is not supported.

Same here (private tab, without uBlockOrigin). If you click on the big image showing a 1990s style virtual reality room (I only did this by accident, nothing about it suggests clicking it), you do get to... a mostly empty 1990s style virtual reality room. Besides panning the camera around with the mouse, it's not clear to me what to do there. I closed the tab at that point.

Crashes latest Firefox and Safari on Mac.

Why not just build an app if you are going to be browser specific...

Interesting. Works on Safari on iOS.

Doesn’t work on Safari iOS if you’re behind a pihole/ad blocker. Why are they looking up User Agent from a third party?

Seems odd. Probably analytics or something.

It worked fine for me in MacOS on both. How old is your Mac?

Although very slow, it works in Firefox 87/Linux... In dear need of optimizations...

Same here.

[EDIT]: seems to work in Brave

By the way, IOHK are hiring for dozens of eng/product roles. If anyone is interested I could refer - email is on my profile :)


Beautiful visualization of the Bitcoin Blockchain, calms me down while hodling

It appears less full blocks are more dissonant. I wonder if that's intentional.

My jaw dropped. Breathtaking.

Anyone know if there’s something like this for etherum 2.0? I can’t wrap my head around how pos works.

There is not a visualizer as far as I am aware.

PoS is not that much different in a generalized sense. Blocks are made up of transactions, and people/nodes propose blocks.

Instead of miners, there are stakers. Instead of randomly seeing which miner can solve the block challenge fastest, random stakers are tasked with solving the challenge.

Look up how the beaconchain works for ETH.

Anyone have an idea what tool they used to build the data viz? or is it completely from scratch?

Almost all of IOHKs work is open source! I think this is the repo.


Oooh, I'm blind... didn't notice the github in their menu!

Thank you :)

An interesting video about some of the internals of bitcoin that is high-level enough for most people to understand:


this is great, would love to have this going on one wall

wish it was possible to jump to the prior block that a transaction was from, ie. when clicking on a transaction, it would be cool if it showed a bunch of links to the last blocks+transactions that the inputs were from. in that visualization model it would be extremely computationally expensive, but a fun way to teleport around the rings

also another feature request would be a way to jump to a specific block by block height, or range of blocks by day. just by typing one in

The headline should be "cool js" because although this visualization uses bitcoin data, it doesn't help see anything about bitcoin.

Blocks are an abstract entity relative to mempool

What do you mean they’re an abstract entity?

Blocks are literally file system-like blocks on disk, so they’re there somewhere.

It lets you click on each transaction and see the individual UTXOs.

What a beautiful art website, downside is that it is too slow for my browser to make it fully responsive. Website's designed for Bitcoin Chads HODLERs.

Be sure to check out the Mozilla Hubs Room as well. Very interesting!

Reminds me of a game from a long time ago on SGI called tranquility.

So amazing! Congrulations!

amazing work. Congratz


Hey, this is amazing! Is it open source? I'd like to see if it's possible to apply to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain (the one that I support because I believe that BTC was intentionally stifled (not increasing the block size when it should have been) and is centralised at the repo level.

I think more or less everything by IOHK is open source, you can probably find more through the github link on the page. Discussions on bitcoin vs bitcoin cash is probably better suited for other places :)

> Bitcoin Cash blockchain


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