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Ask HN: Games that made you better at your work?
11 points by juliend2 19 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments
I recently found that playing a certain type of game can increase my productivity at work (web dev). I wonder if people here experienced similar phenomena. I remember a blog post of one of Heroku's founders who used to play a certain game and told that it helped him take better strategic decisions. But I can't seem to find the article.


Any strategic, cooperative multiplayer game will improve some important skills like teamwork, decision making, computer skills, etc.

Here’s an article that talks about some benefits: https://www.healthygamer.gg/video-games-make-you-smarter-bac...

Surely you’re thinking of “Shenzhen I/O”[1] which is “Suspiciously close to having a job as a circuit designer in Shenzhen China.”[2]?

Or is it Factorio[3], which is “The Best Technical Interview We Have”[4]?

[1] https://www.zachtronics.com/shenzhen-io/

[2] https://www.gog.com/game/shenzhen_io

[3] https://www.factorio.com/

[4] https://erikmcclure.com/blog/factorio-is-best-interview-we-h...

For the love of God if you're trying to play games to get better at work then just go damn work. You should play games to have fun, man.

Anything that’s not work increases productivity at work. Productivity decreases during the day, during the week and in-between holidays.

I work 4.5hrs/day and woof I am so much more productive, I probably do more than when I worked 9hrs...

I think games that involve physical activity can benefit you hugely.

Posted on HN recently:


Factorio is the game

This game is a pretty fun way to improve your CSS Flexbox skills: https://mastery.games/flexboxzombies/

  any sick mind game... :>

Mavis typing tutor.

Really? What game is that helps you be a better web dev?

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