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Asking "how people many have ever X or Y happen to them?" is downplaying the actual risk when obviously the risk has been increasing in the past year, half-year or so.

Yes, if you look at the risk of a US government raid on servers, domains, or what-have-you in the past 5-10 years, you can fairly compare it to a meteor strike or a "freak incident". But things are changing, incidents and "collateral" are increasing, and if you look at just the past half year, you'll find it's gone from a meteor-strike level probability to a very small but definitely not dismissable chance.

That's not at all what he said, is it? What he said was, it's very unlikely that an FBI action is going to disrupt your site at all (and, that's true), and also that the same measures you must use to protect yourself from the altogether more likely event of a hosting company failure also protect you from FBI raids.

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