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Firefox changing its tab design (grumpy.website)
41 points by rammy1234 29 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Thankfully the Firefox UI is easy to customize, through userChrome.css. I personally haven't seen Firefox's tab bar in years, since I have replaced it with Tree-Style Tabs (vertical, in side bar).

Unfortunately "user customisation" should not be an answer to a poor design decision that affects all users, including the vast majority who don't have the skill, time, or knowledge available to customise such things.

With the very subtle shade of gray make it seem like second tab is active. On poor screen quality one wouldn't be able to see the difference.

>With the very subtle shade of gray make it seem like second tab is active

Well, the new design has more contrast on active vs inactive tab than the old one

Not loving where this is going. FF on iOS was great, with icon showing the number of tabs I have opened unlike Safari. Please translate that sensible UI choices into your desktop version too.

Once again my decision to manually block updates has paid off in spades. I can't remember the last time a new FF feature was one anyone actually wanted. People only use FF now because Chrome and...well let's be honest it's just Chrome, is even worse.

What about security updates?

Is this for real, or just a late april 1st joke or something?

Yeah, mate! You bet it's for real!!! :(

>Why did you put elevated rectangles instead of tabs there? With shadows?

Because they want to follow the "neumorphism" 2021 design trend...

Is this really something to complain about? More so than the outdated performance of SpiderMonkey? Or Servo, the vaporware render engine.


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