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This is more like they have a warrant for one house so they seize the entire street or neighborhood simply because they can't make the distinction on the field between one and the other. In doing so they're causing harm to businesses, only because they happened to be in the same area code as some alleged criminal. They're not just intruding and looking around, they shut down the business, for days if not weeks.

It's more like a large mall and they shut down access to an entire wing of a large mall while they search through to find what they're looking for.

Oh yeah, and they're searching through your store as they make their way to the location on the warrant.

It's more like they shut down a wing of a mall and relocated it to another place.

Good luck!

That's not a very good analogy. I mean, when they do that they are not seizing the items in other stores and keeping them.

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