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On this note, Perl 6 (or Raku nowadays, I guess) takes IMO the best approach here (and if Julia doesn't already take this approach, it probably should): allowing both fancy Unicode symbols for those who prefer them and equivalent representations in ASCII (a.k.a. "Texas") for those who don't want to have to switch keyboard encodings or look up symbols to copy/paste or setup editor macros just to write code.

Re "(a.k.a. "Texas")", that meme has been removed from the documentation. It's now just ASCII vs Unicode: https://docs.raku.org/language/unicode_ascii

Lame. Ah well.

TeX commands are built in to the Julia REPL. Just type \alpha<TAB> and an α appears.

Haskell allows this as well. ASCII symbols are the default, while you can use the -XUnicodeSyntax language extension to get Unicode symbols. (My understanding is that Unicode characters are always allowed in identifiers.)

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