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small enough to colo? what world do you live in?

He is <24 years old and his primary world view has been formed whilst "cloud" was the pinnacle of technical obviousness.

>40 and primary world view formed working in fortune 100 corporate environment. Basically, every company I have ever worked for has had it's own multiple large data centers. I guess the point I didn't try very hard to make was, do you think a company the size of pinboard has the financial resources to engage in a prolonged legal battle with the FBI? I'm thinking not, but I could be wrong.

The US court system is not nearly as utterly corrupt as you seem to think. Even individual people often fight law enforcement agencies in court there, and win. Certainly a Fortune 100 company would stand a better chance. (Maciej might be at a bit of a disadvantage, being a foreigner, and one who's written publicly about a run-in with law enforcement in China, at that.)

There's a pretty large range between Pinboard (10 000 customers, maybe? Two employees? Annual revenue in the range of $100k? I'm guessing here) and Rite Aid (109000 "associates", maybe 20 million customers, $26 billion revenue). More than five orders of magnitude, actually.

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