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Show HN: NoCodeZ. the next gen no code tool https://ai.nocodez.com/
4 points by mvbsridhar 34 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
Hello Friends,

We want to share the project we are building for over a year now. Try: https://ai.nocodez.com/

Why we decided to build NoCodeZ: We talked to many product builders. They said that it is hard to convert ideas into complete products without a strong technical team, especially when you want both web and native mobile apps (for iOS and Android). We built NoCodeZ to solve this problem.

Our Mission: To help you go from idea to app – quickly, no coding, no technical knowledge needed. We use the power of AI, NLU and Automation on an MEVN stack to achieve this.

What you do: • Write a business story about your idea. Describe the story with who (users) is involved & how they interact. • Go through details about what the user sees in the app, and what the app does when the user interacts with it.

What you get: • A web app deployed in our cloud • Mobile apps - Native IOS (in swift) and native Android (in Java) • Deployed backend infrastructure (server, databases, scaling, etc) • Complete test scripts (positive and negative test cases). • App management portal to manage users (provisioning & control)

Answers to FAQ: Yes, you get Apple AppStore and Android Play Store ready apps. Yes, you can connect your datasets to the app. Yes, you can connect APIs to the app. Yes, you can automate system tasks in the app. Yes, you can change the look-feel of the output app (may take more work) Yes, you can control data access by user type or role. Yes, you can create login with google, or other SAML based tokens. Yes, you can enable 2FA for user logins for added security. Yes, large complex enterprise apps can be built, they take more time (like 1 month). Yes, simple apps can be built in one or two sittings. Yes, you can make changes to the app after you build it. Yes, you can expand the app, at a later point in time.

please tell me what you think! info@nocodez.com. Regards, Sridhar

Congrats on building this!

Interesting concept. Just looked over the website for a few minutes. The screenshots looks nice, but would be cool to see a few examples. Maybe a longer video that goes through the details. Or a playground with a few pre populated stories which one could play around with and change to see how the application is modified by the AI.

I agree. A prepopulated demo would be nice.

PS: Clicky link for the lazy https://ai.nocodez.com/

Thank you for the feedback.... this aligns nicely with next steps on our website - with examples, videos and sample apps.

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