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Show HN: I turned an infographics standard into an open-source book (antonz.org)
16 points by nalgeon 32 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Some folks in Germany created a highly practical infographics / data visualization standard. It's a 150-page manual with nearly 200 examples. They released it under a free license (CC BY-SA), but did everything so that no one will appreciate the good work they did:

— Confusingly named it 'Business Communication Standards'

— Published the web version in a barely readable way

— Hid the PDF behind the paywall

Honestly, I've got no idea why one would publish a standard under Creative Commons license in such a strange way. Nevertheless, I've found it.

I believe the guide itself is useful. So with some Python and a lot of manual work I turned it into a GitHub-hosted markdown book, EPUB and PDF. Give it a try ツ

Looks interesting. Does it cover specific libraries for python or js?

Not exactly. It's kinda like an algorithms design manual, which teaches the fundamentals. After learning how to design charts in different cases, you can apply the knowledge in any programming language.

A good read, thank you.

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