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Show HN: Lofi.cafe (lofi.cafe)
1192 points by linuz90 on April 14, 2021 | hide | past | favorite | 230 comments

Haha, I built a super similar thing last year with even a super similar url (https://lofi.chat)!


Good vibes only

I love breaking things and I've noticed that user are able to intercept the UID / ID of the received messages in the Websocket and edit / spoof past messages from other users.

edit: And editing other user names and rooms settings.

Just letting you know. :)

Thanks for catching that! One thing I really wanted for the project was not having to sign in to use, but that's been causing a lot of security holes like this. Gonna try to fix everything soon

just tie it to the session cookie or a url identifier, no signup needed

Out of curiosity, what are the motivation(s) for not requiring users to sign in? Is it just lowering the barrier to entry, or are you concerned with privacy?

I’m curious to know how the solution would work.

If I would have been required to sign up, I would have closed the browser. Good choice!

I'm really not knowledgeable about firestore, firebase or even authentification systems but couldn't an user request a secret key that the user will use to authentificate itself when sending a message into the websocket (that will not be transmitted to the other users)?

For the login-gate, I'm pretty sure 99%+ of the visitor would have not created an account. Even without the login, the HN room shared in that thread was kind of inactive.

Since the rooms are "private' by default (secret token in the URL), authentification is now really necessary for casual usage.

Yes you could generate a rsa key pair in the browser and send a tuple of user id (or just a nonce) and public key to the server as a form of automatic registration. The client could prefix each chat with the user if/nonce and sign it with the private key before sending it to the server. From then on the server could simply retrieve the public key it has associated with the user id prefix and reject any messages that fail signature validation.

This could also work in a peer-to-peer context by only using the server for public key registration (i.e. by chat room). All messages would go directly between clients and the server would never receive chat messages.

A chat makes things way more interesting, but we need to be able to browse for rooms too (as long as the room's creator want his room public)

I'll def add it!

I really like this idea, is there a way to add soundcloud streams to it instead of youtube? I'd like to link this from my soundcloud page.

Check out https://turntable.fm/ you can stream from soundcloud and colab on playlists :)

Cool site! Created a room for the HN crowd here: https://lofi.chat/r/DEFI-45867b3a

Oh nice! Would be dope to integrate a chat on lofi.cafe itself, but it's still a bit beyond my programming skills.

I tried my hand at something similar using a sleep music themed YT channel and website. Couldn't get things to click. And FB ended up blocking my site on the sharing debugger.

is there a way to explore public rooms?

Can nobody make posts anymore without someone else trying to self-promote?

Show hn posts are already self-promotion so isn't it reasonable for other people to also be able to promote similar things they've created?

I think there's a line where it stops being reasonable. If I know every comment on a Show HN is going to be blatant self promotion, I'm not going to view those posts even if the OP is interesting to me.

There are guidelines for what Show HN is supposed to be. This site pretty much fits the bill.


> Show HN is for something you've made that other people can play with. HN users can try it out, give you feedback, and ask questions in the thread.

> On topic: things people can run on their computers or hold in their hands. For hardware, you can post a video or detailed article. For books, a sample chapter is ok.

I am glad to see work from other hacker news members. When it isn't interesting to me, I find something else on the internet or IRL that is.

Great point. While not everything is appropriate to share in response to someone else's "Show HN" post, I've definitely seen (and appreciated) others linking similar projects. It usually is in the context of saying something like:

- I tried this too, and can appreciate that you solved way harder things than we expected to have to deal with - I had this idea too but like your execution

I think it's very fitting, especially since we are celebrating not just the idea, but the execution that someone did to be able to show it off here.

Same. I love it when I see two creators of similar projects mash up ideas in the comments. That's the spirit of HN imo.

Same, please keep sharing folks!

Sounds like a good solution - stop viewing them.

I want to know alternatives. Let them promote !

Just sharing for the fun of it! This was just a fun weekend project from a year ago, and I found the similarities too funny to pass up.

Maybe there should be a weekly/monthly “Show HN” (like the who’s hiring thread) where everyone can promote what they’re working on. Doesn’t have to be new things, even progressive updates would do.

Hey @dang, how does a free-for-all self promotion thread sound (minus the spam)

you new here bruh

Could the CPU load be reduced? If I am only on the page, not even playing any music yet (probably because something is blocked), I get 1 core up at 100% CPU load. This can't all be for an animated background image, can it?

Ouch you're totally right. I want to add an option to have static JPGs instead of GIFs. Already added to the backlog.

Video may be cheap, too: h.264 or WebM are relatively low cost on even reasonably modern devices.

To go in the opposite direction, if you wanted to add an option for people fine with large CPU/GPU expenditure (i.e., if this were playing on a dedicated TV in an actual café), it might be fun to add a WebGL canvas and make lofi/vaporwave-inspired effects [0].

[0]: http://hands.wtf/rad

Why would you ever target wasting CPU/GPU when better alternatives are available?

I actually really like this feature when playing music for a whole room on my OLED TV. People like watching the fancy graphics and I get to dodge a tiny little bit of burn in.

You missed the part of better alternatives. I didn't mean to turn off the anim, just switch it to a more efficient method of doing it.

What are the better alternatives?

I'm guessing pre-rendered animations. Better alternative if you're optimizing for performance, but maybe not if we're optimizing for other metrics.

It might be cool.

It might be cool to needlessly spin up a CPU/GPU for no reason other than not being familiar with a more effectient method of doing something? I don't know where you come from, but that's not my definition of cool at all

I would go for videos + options to go with static assets. You could pause background video playback when the tab is not active.

My tests show the tab does not consume much when it is not visible.

Video cheaper than animated gif?

Yeah, lower bandwidth requirements and most computers/all smartphones have dedicated video decoding hardware, especially for h264.

Hinted at with lower bandwidth requirements, but the biggest win with video is their stellar compression. GIFs store every single color value, which is why they get so huge so quick.

GIFs use run length encoding, which usually makes them quite good for pixelly art, but not when you apply a bunch of vfx.

Yep. For example, here is Fill's GIFs site[0], where comic animation on pages represented as video instead of GIF.[1]

    <video autoplay="" loop="" muted="">
      <source src="/video/aa3d713c20ba03cc3f87b36e9a947857.mp4" type="video/mp4">

[0] https://fill.com.ua/

[1] https://fill.com.ua/gif/zagostrennya

Looks like it is, if I remove the 4 gifs stacked on top of each other CPU usage drops massively.

If it's only a few frames you might be able to arrange them vertically in a PNG and animate background-position to get the same effect for cheaper.

Correction: you want to use transform to force creation of a new rendering layer, then when adjusting the rendered position of the element using transform will not cause a repaint.

Ouch. What's wrong with APNG?


I figure it will have the same problem as GIF which is that each frame triggers a repaint.

It appears that every GIF frame is a Chrome paint (which makes sense) but a way to make the GIF static or turn off the GIFs would reduce paints down to basically nothing.

Hey, just wanted to let you know I've just pushed a "low-energy" mode that will remove some elements and effects on screen. On my Mac (MBP with M1 chip) it makes the webview go from 40% CPU to around 10-15%.

You can activate it by pressing "l".

Gotta pay for hosting with some monero mining

Same. I use a miniPC with a loud (by design constraints) fan when load is pegged. It ran like a jet engine on this site.

I wonder if they're crypto-mining.

If you like this, you may enjoy PoolsideFM: https://poolside.fm

Poolside FM is my favorite radio app but this is beautiful!

Since we're making a list https://plaza.one is good for obscure vaporwave. I've heard songs that I absolutely have not been able to find elsewhere on the internet.

Also radio.garden

This is great. And I don't even like swimming pools much!

Nice concept, love the aesthetic! It was too CPU intensive for me on a laptop so I sourcedived to find the list of svideos which appear to be the following https://rentry.co/txqrq . I personally use

    mpv --no-video --vo=null --ytdl-format='bestaudio/best'
for listening to such streams. Unfortunately, as "youtube-dl --list-formats" will tell you, the live streams don't have separate audio tracks (which normal YouTube videos do) so this only helps with CPU savings but not bandwidth (you can choose a lower bitrate stream though).

Works under Windows 10 command prompt too after changing the single quotes out for double quotes, very nice. Had been keeping a browser tab with the YouTube stream open, but this is undoubtedly going to be easier on battery.

Why --vo=null if --no-video?

(edit) I think the man page would really imply it is redundant, but when trying with just --no-video and no $DISPLAY (e.g. ssh'd to a machine with speakers but no X server running), it picks up vo=gpu (accelerated video decode) from my mpv.conf and runs with a warning:

    [vo/gpu] Failed initializing any suitable GPU context!
    Error opening/initializing the VO window.

Hello there, I’m the guy who made https://lofimusic.app

Just wanted to tell you it looks good :), keep up the good work!

I found then lost the reference to lofimusic.app, and could't find it again until today, so I'm overjoyed to stumble upon it again, as well as this new thing!

Thank you both, I love them both!

Woah, great example for go-app/wasm. Love it!

This is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for building this!

Happy satisfied user of your app! Love all the imagery! Thank You!

I like it a lot and it is very responsive. One thought though, is there any way to reduce the amount of JS/ trackers you are using? UBlock blocking is at 10% and it is still working fine.

Those background images could really use some artist attributions.

Can't have contributions when the images likely aren't even under a license that would allow use like this. I guess it's better not to say where they are from and hope people don't notice...

The image of the girl lying on the floor is a screencap from the "Whisper of the Heart" movie. I doubt it's licensed. Various "lo-fi" YouTube channels used to do that as well, but got copyright strikes and changed to original artwork.


> a screencap from the "Whisper of the Heart" movie. I doubt it's licensed.

Studio Ghibli did release a lot of screenshots from many of their movies about 6 months ago¹, but this movie is not among those included.

1. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24564775

Wikipedia has an article on lofi_girl/chilledcow channels https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lofi_Girl

> Dimitri chose the character of Shizuku Tsukishima from the Studio Ghibli film Whisper of the Heart as the face of the channel, with footage of her studying or writing used in the streams. When the popularity of the streams ultimately led to some getting taken down for copyright violations, Dimitri decided to maintain the Ghibli-esque aesthetic but with an original character and put out a call for artists.

Yes, although I’d note that among people who listen to lofi music, the “anime girl studying with rain outside the window” animation is an extremely well known meme.

The streams should also be linked to.

The streams are just the name as a youtube video. For example if you click the "lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to" in the bottom left (r what ever you are on) you'll see all the streams. Copying that name and pasting it in Youtube will show you the stream.

Though I do agree a link to them (since there is no mention of Lofi Girl anywhere for example) would be nice.

I'll add a little link to open the related YouTube video, it's much needed.

You are aware that it's usually a ToS violation to play YouTube videos without showing the YouTube player? https://developers.google.com/youtube/terms/required-minimum...

We're on hacker news and it's a cool tech project, who cares about some corporation's ToS?

The project has a better chance of survival if it follows the rules of the platform sourcing their content. I think that warning somebody that they're standing on a cliff edge is the polite thing to do, even if the cliff is man-made.

Just sayin'

Maybe they will care when they get their account and maybe even any related accounts suspended.

I love lofi hip hop, so I wish good luck. But especially because of the exposure this might end not nice for the operators.

We're on artist news and it's a cool music project, who cares about someone's software license.

Yep, I thought I recognized at least one of them from 1041uuu: https://1041uuu.tumblr.com/post/104751238713

Just the images?

I like the different stations, though would be cool to know how many people are listening to the same station.

Song names would be good as well and the option to disable to background image/animation to save CPU.

Overall I like it.

I love that these type of apps are popping back up. However, I fear that the RIAA is going to ruin all the fun like they've done in the past. I used to run a site in which we just played random music with no ads/no revenue. We still got a cease and desist letter giving us no choice but to shut it down. I get why they exist, but they are more about stomping out sites rather than working them to figure out a path that is lucrative for everyone involved.

Is there some way to limit streamed music to stuff that has a suitable license? I'm thinking specifically of Creative Commons stuff.

Or couldn't you make a front end that pulls audio from Spotify or some other paid service? I want to see ideas like this flourish and support artists.

>Is there some way to limit streamed music to stuff that has a suitable license? I'm thinking specifically of Creative Commons stuff.


Unfortunately the only way to get around this is to have agreements in place with independent artists for the site that you could then provide to the RIAA when they come knocking. If you post music by artists signed to a label it's out of the artists' hand even if you attempt to put something in place directly with the artist. The RIAA is aggressive and well funded. Their entire objective is to make sure artists get paid whenever their music is played regardless of whether the site is free/no ads.

EDIT: Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc do not provide APIs to embed their players into other sites without some sort of licensing agreement in place.


Reminds me of this project, titled "Drive through cities in the browser while listening to local radio stations", which I use quite frequently.

link: https://driveandlisten.herokuapp.com/ recent HN discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23543043

What does "in this room: 25" mean? The number remains the same when I change the station. Is there only a single room and I changed the station for everybody? Or are there 25 people in every room (=station)? :-)

It's the current visitors. I liked the word "room" to make you feel like you're in good company, but maybe it'd be better to just write "live now". What do you think?

I'd go for "listening now" or "currently listening". I also assumed the "room" was the what I see now is called "station".

Counting the listeners in a station instead of visitors site-wide would be kinda neat though, and "room" works well then I think.

edit: or maybe "in the cafe" for site-wide visitors? That should be clear and has the same feeling as "room".

Fully agree with everything you said!

"In the room XXX" really confused me because I thought I were in room XXX. (There's at least a colon missing after "room"!)

I love "listening now", just changed it!

I like the "room" terminology. Maybe just make it clearer that it's not a room number, but the number of people hanging out in the room with you?

I like in the room - I agree it is cozier - in the cafe as suggest below is also nice

It's the number of current visitors, I guess? https://mailbrew-functions.vercel.app/lofi-cafe-visitors

What do you call the art style like this? It reminds me of a game called Va11-halla. I kind of like it, but it's frustrating that I can't name what it is. I see random Japanese texts here and there that are obviously made by non-Japanese people (they're awkward). "Foreigner's image of Tokyo's city life"?

Lofi with a Cyberpunk/Vaporwave/Outrun backdrop.

It seems to be a mix of Vapourwave and Lo-Fi


It gives me an 80s vibe.

I really liked the cyberpunk Gifs. Who made them? As other said, attribution there would help.

All found on Giphy, will add attribution soon!

Love that when I add it to the home-screen it has an icon. And, when I open it from that home-screen icon it has no navigation bar. I desperately with that more people would exploit the web technologies for more of these sort of apps. If I can play Cyberpunk 2077 on my iPhone through the Stadia web app, what isn’t possible?

Great work. Love it.

Nice one, but my CPU fans got really loud (normally this loud when I play games) xD. I'm not a web developer, but I'm pretty sure this is something that can be fixed :)

Nice! An other similar project I really like from another show hn[1] is https://lofimusic.app

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24476641

Who gets credit for the artwork? It's really cool. I feel like all the channels/music are getting pulled from live lofi streams that I listen to on YouTube on a day-to-day. But the artwork isn't the same; so was that original for this project? Any idea how they're made?

I wanna agree with this. I've seen a bunch of those animations before..e.g. https://www.deviantart.com/kirokaze

and it would probably be great to give the original artists a shout out.

Oooh, that's very cool.

Any plans to include a small chat feature? I normally don't like using chats on websites at all but for some reason I would absolutely love to interact with other people that are listening to the same music at the same time as me.

If you have spotify check out JQBX (https://www.jqbx.fm)

https://plaza.one/ is similar, but for vaporwave

It's all fun and games 'til you learn that YouTube's terms don't allow you to embed their player in any way that disables/hides their UI and logos.

Source: A similar project I made like 8 years ago.

Edit: But don't get me wrong, I like it nonetheless!

I guess that's when you double down and just scrape Invidious[1] for the audio files.

edit: The Firefox extension "Privacy Redirect"[2] also uses Invidious to automatically redirect all youtube links, and does similar things for pages like reddit and twitter to their respective "mirrors".

[1]: https://docs.invidious.io/Invidious-Instances.md

[2]: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/privacy-redir...

For anyone else wondering "what the heck is invidious?", from their github[1]: "Invidious is an alternative front-end to YouTube." Cool!

But man, classic open source: the front page of those docs says nothing about what the heck the project is, just a list of URLs to visit, and the main website[2] is just an under-construction page with a link to the github repo.

1 - https://github.com/iv-org/invidious

2 - https://invidious.io/

Remaining somewhat illegible probably helps the project survive for the benefit of the cognoscenti.

... and they say security by obscurity doesn't work! /s

Check https://redirect.invidious.io/ and try another Invidious instance.

Wow, I had no idea about Invidious. This perfectly solves my use case of needing a REST API to get MP3 urls for YouTube videos. I was looking into building or finding a REST API for youtube-dl, but this seems a lot easier.

The mirrors frequently go offline from being blocked though, so it may be easier to rely on youtube-dl depending on how likely it is that you will be rate-limited.

You could of course also try and set up your own, private Invidious instance and see what mileage you get from that.

Yep! I do that and just hand the URL to friends.

yep, I was trying to make some recreations of DVD menus a few years ago and decided to host on youtube so it could be easily added to.

Iirc my hack to hide the UI was replacing pausing videos with an infinite loop of a millisecond (which was buggy as hell). VideoJS with the youtube plugin was able to hide most everything else.

Do we need YouTube if we can host media (in this case MP3 and animations) ourselves (and through CDNs)?

No, you don't need YouTube. In fact, you almost never need YouTube.

If you just want to host some files (like mp3s and animations) you can toss them on a CDN.

If you need a bit more advanced features, like easy embedding, a premade player, etc. you might wanna use Vimeo.

*HOWEVER* YouTube is fast, easy and takes care of pretty much everything for you. This is not to be underestimated.

Love this! Somehow it really drew me in and excited my imagination. Rarely have I had that sense of enchantment on HN.

The reasons what are ineffable to me. It was not so much "what it did" as how it was put together.

This is tight. I love the little touches like the pomodoro timer and discoverable keyboard shortcuts. The UI is so cohesive as well, and has everything you need and nothing you don't.

Well done.

May I also suggest the [freeCodeCamp.org Code Radio][1]. They actually had a [recording artist contribute and curate most of the beats under a creative license][2].

[1]: https://coderadio.freecodecamp.org/

[2]: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/code-radio-24-7/

Nicely done. Reminds me of an idea I think would be really cool, a site sort of like tiktok, but instead of focusing on original content, it focused on letting you find interesting video clips to pair with your own music. Sort of like how spotify has gifs now, except you could customize them for your own music and share them with others.

I want to live here


I love this UI. The seamless channel transitions just feel perfect. Not like I'm on the modern web at all.

This is reminiscent of the YouTube channels with slight (ie 10 second) animated loops like Lofi Girl. I have used these videos for deep work sessions and will certainly use your site as well. Congratulations on your work!

The site's artwork is amazing. Love the details. It seeems that the transition effect when changing channels is generated and genuine each time, instead of randomly selected from a library.

I listen to https://youtu.be/fTS1JbEtSWs for background. Not only is it great background but I've found so many beautiful tracks through it over the years. Here's two:



I like https://listenparadise.org/ in the same vein of music only radio.

I really like the video filter effect. Clever use of layered background images to achieve that VHS aesthetic.

Just a tip to reduce CPU usage: it's probably better to replace the large GIFs with videos. WebM not only has a much smaller file size but also makes the fans spin less. Most "GIFs" you see these days (e.g. on social media or Slack) are actually videos.

Nice project :) For my own use, I keep a list of such youtube stations in a file and use a script to play through them (I can specify by srl no., shuffle, play a random station etc). Much more lighter on the system as I use mpv to just play the audio stream. Also, allows me to repurpose the script for various lists for various genre.

I have one too. Is your code open? Ty

Its hacky but sure, here you go: https://pastebin.com/BVs4dCPm

Anyone know why this type of music is called as "LoFi HipHop", it does not sound particularly lofi or hiphop..

For the "Lo-fi" part, I was going to write an explanation, but the first few paragraphs of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lo-fi_music explain it better than I would have.

Because that video called "lofi-hiphop beats to relax and study to" became popular.

Have you ever heard of Nujabes? He has a similar sound.

This sound goes back to the early aughts when it had it's roots in underground hip hop.

Small correction: goes back to the mid-90's as a distinct thing, and you could hear that type of beat in songs even earlier than that. DJ Shadow brought it into general consciousness with his 1996 release: Endtroducing, but others were doing similar before. Back in the mid-to-late 90's, we were calling it "Trip-Hop". Though that was a broader term than lofi, which seems more specific.

Maybe the ultimate origination were in groups like De La Soul and PM Dawn. They had vocals, but their beats were often super chill.

I would disagree that Trip-hop is more broad. Trip-hop seems much more specific.

As far as Endtroducing being the first instrumental hip hop album, I guess one could argue that. However, it's a bit like saying that Iggy Pop and the Stooges were the first punk band. Either way, even though both movements come from an earlier time it didn't get much attention until the following decade. It would be akin to arguing that grunge isn't a genre from the 90s because Dinosaur Jr. was around in 87.

Yeah, I always wish lofi hiphop was a little more hiphop and a little less soft jazz.

This is so dope! Love it.

I actually have been working on something related but not exactly - mine is more generally a Youtube video zapper. Works well for music and also for other genres, was a fun quarantine project.

Check it out! https://zapper.video/

Nice work! I'm starting a similar coworking stream on twitch today, also with lofi music but instead of gifs I share my screen and pomodoro timers. https://www.twitch.tv/pomber__

sick, i like your ui @linuz90

i was reaching for a way to get a true full screen. maybe bind something to fire an Element.requestFullScreen() on #root or even just html

also i hit esc to hide the thing, then tried hitting escape again to reveal? idk if there is a way to do that or if it matters

cuuute lil tomato timer

Very nice execution. Love the aesthetic. IMO the source attribution could still be better. For example I follow one of the sources (RyanCelcius). Many of their original playlist visuals (e.g. rare tapes series) stand on their own merit and deserve to be seen.

~100% CPU load and still glitchy.

Love your design!

Thank you, it went through quite a few iterations, trying to make it as low fidelity as possibile while keeping an eye on accessibility.

First time I click on the volume control, it bumps the volume to max (Firefox). Works correctly after that.

In case anyone is interested, you can get most of these exact same playlists by searching “chillhop music” on Apple Music. Probably on Spotify and others too. Very nice background music for coding (for me anyway).

Good way to profit off all those lofi beats youtube channels someone else made.

I guess one advantage of this is it might use less energy than streaming on Youtube directly? Haven't done comparison yet though to quantify CPU resource utilization and power consumption.

I would pay a subscription fee if someone could locate and repurpose the old playlist/soundclips from musicforhackers.com - awesome streaming music site back in the '00's.

Just the kind of thing I would build - perfect execution well done.

That’s real slick. Royalty free Lofi is 90% of my music consumption anymore since the RIAA decided they don’t want their artists to be relevant to anyone who is big on streaming.

Guys, check this too https://soundofcolleagues.com/#

- I am not affiliated with it.

I love this!

Would love to see chat added. Then it'd really be a cafe.

So great. Would love to see the track details and maybe some sort of equally low-fi social aspect. Just number of listeners or hearts / something

Okay no. This is garbage engineering. And yes I mean that - it doesn't get much worse.

It would be better if this wasn't a site you're supposed to stay hours on.

This embeds a YT video that is streaming in HD quality in the background, even though it's only showing me a gif, so it's already murdering my bandwidth to do something we could achieve with 30kb/s nowadays.

But because that isn't enough, this site is enough to get the fans of my laptop going. I'll probably be adding 20s to every bigger recompilation just to listen to music.

Thanks but fuck no.

Isn't the YT audio quality tied to the video quality? IIRC, if you tier one down, you do the same to the other.

Definitely better than going to YouTube multiple times a day to search "lofi" and clicking on one of the newly uploaded compilations!

Beautiful. Soothing. Magical. :)

Is the list of stations hand picked, can I access it outside this app?

When adding to home screen I get React app as title by default.

The stations are actually YouTube streams, if you open dev tools you can get the stream ID from the YouTube thumbnail that gets preloaded by the YouTube library.

I think for full screen it would be better to reencode gif to mp4 and host that, might drop CPU in browser also but not sure.

This is awesome, I recently have discovered the youtube lofi universe and have basically stopped using spotify while working.

Love the feel of the site. Curious about the tech stack used and as others pointed out, images attribution. Nice work!

Thank you! It's a create-react-app, with a YouTube planyer running the lofi channels (will add proper attribution soon).

I love this site! Is there any way to get the track that is currently playing? I have several songs I wanted to ID

So happy that we now have the free CPU power to digitally add fake surface noises to synthesized music.

I just knew it would be a PWA and not disappointed when I added it to the phone Home Screen. Nice one!

old cyberpunk vibe reminds me of Virtuaverse from Master Boot Record: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1019310/VirtuaVerse/

Dope! I love those, don't know what the name is, "kinda vaporwave old school" styles

There are weird favorites going on with Show HN. I wonder how one pays to get to the top?

Cool but it'd be nice to have track and artist names, out of respect to the artists.

great vibes here


Would be great to be able to have bookmarkable links to individual rooms.

Cool project! :) Is there any way to link to rooms & songs directly?

Edit: Just noticed that one can tweet the "station" and extract the link there.

It would be really cool if the URL changed depending on the station, so that copy-pasting it just works.

How does pause / play work? Does it pause for everyone in the room?

Nope, just for you!

The idea is cool, but god damn, I don´t like its lack of optimization.

Finally something awesome! Love the backdrops - reminds me of soma.fm

Groove Salad was always my jam

Oh yes! Bringing me back

I guess this got hugged, the audio was jerky and stuttering.

I enjoyed this a lot, a great candidate for a native app.

Very cool! Love the "anime like" pictures :)

Don't we all :)

I don't know about all but I certainly do and I guess some other people, including you, maybe, do too! :) ;p xx

Awesome! I really enjoy it keep up the good work :D

This is great! Perfect background music for coding.

Love these things, they have a Durarara! vibe...

Thank you for using this domain name so well.

Would be fun to have a chat per room

Damn, that's nice. Thanks OP :)

Very nice! (Synthwave too, please?)

Absolutely love this. Thank you!

I'm not into elevator music but I understand some people might enjoy it. Do you listen to this while working?

I love lofi, but I prefer silence when working. I listen to lofi mostly when contemplating about the meaning of life.

I wouldn't classify lofi as elevator music, however. But I love "chill" music in general.

Love it. Reminds me of soma.fm

404 errors after tap to start

I love it, really nice!

I miss the indie web.

Painfully cool. Wow

This is amazing

i like these kind of projects.

Nice game


love it.

Do you people really like such music?

I admit these backgrounds require a bit of effort to make. But what's the point? To use it as a screensaver?

Well it's not like I know a hundred lofi songs by heart or subscribe to lofi news but it serves as a nice background when I'm working alone in my apartment.

Yeah, that's pretty much it; lofi is loud enough to drown out intermittent noise in the area, while monotonous and simple enough to allow you to concentrate on whatever you're doing instead of on the music.

It's not unlike elevator music.

Yeah it’s like good elevator music, haha

Yes. This is a rip of chilled cow live stream on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qap5aO4i9A) that has 50,000 currently watching.

> Do you people really like such music?

I like it, but I use it moreso for when I want to tune out noises in my surroundings with something other than say, "bird noises" or "distance thunderstorm".

Yes exactly, I usually listen to it when studying. With it on 25% volume and noise cancelling headphones it tunes out the world very nicely while avoiding dead silence.


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