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Patagonia Will No Longer Add Brand Logos to Apparel (sgbonline.com)
5 points by victorbojica 69 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I hate tags in shirts and itchy stitching almost as much.

Hell, I even wear boxer briefs inside-out because the outer stitching on some brands is more even than on the inside.

PS: I'll never buy anything from Columbia again because their flagship store promised "lifetime = forever" replacement on a technical athletic rain jacket that crumbled and fell-apart. Apparently, they changed the definition of "lifetime"

Now if they’d leave their own damn logo off I might buy some.

I actively avoid buying clothes with visible logos. The heck if I'm paying full price for something and then give free advertising. Caps are difficult. Most that suit me, comfort and utility, are emblazoned.

Indeed. Do you know any decent quality t-shirts that don't put logos? Seems like simple task.

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