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Ask HN: Fully-managed GitHub alternative on a custom domain?
6 points by Seb-C 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments
I am looking for a fully managed GitHub alternative that I could use on my own domain, but without having to handle or maintain any server (full-saas).

I looked at GitLab and would gladly pay to support it, but even in the paid plans it does not seem possible to use a custom domain, the repositories are always on `gitlab.com/example` rather than `gitlab.example.com`.

You have self-hosted Gitlab and you can place it wherever you want

There are self-hosting services such as https://gitlabhost.com/ for gitlab which can host you a private instance on a (sub)domain as a SaaS.

Thanks. That's the only one I found as well, but that's very expensive.

The prices look sustainable to me. If you take a dependency on an external service, you probably want that service to stay in business. Which a service competing with zero dollar pricing can't do.

Either your problem is worth a few hundred dollars a month or it isn't. That's not a pricing problem. The vendor is segmenting the market and focusing on segments where there is a business case.

> Either your problem is worth a few hundred dollars a month or it isn't.

That is totally wrong.

Github's plans starts at $0, $4 and $21 dollars per month.

Gitlab's plans start at $0 and $21 per month.

Bitbucket's plans starts at $0, $3 and $6 per month.

So yes, a plan starting at $80 is expensive.

I don't need any more feature than those services, I just want to support the right company and don't want to be one someone else's domain.

I've developed multi-tenant/multi-domain myself on saas applications and it's not a big deal, so I find it surprising that no company provides this. 20 years ago this kind of thing was already possible with saas-hosted applications (PHPBB forums for example...)

And I'm not a company, It's for an open source project.

You’re not in a market segment the company is pursuing. Avoiding price sensitive customers is a good business sense. They would need to support twenty $4 customers for the same revenue as one $80 customer. Their overhead would be higher. And profits lower.

There are good reasons not to take on customers for whom a thousand dollars a year is a deal breaker. Among them is it favors B2B relationships over B2C.

GitHub had free plans. There’s no point competing with that.

Many SaaS pricing plans are quite expensive IMHO, probably because they cater to US companies.

Just out of curiosity, may I ask why you want your own domain for this specific purpose? For SEO juice…?

I only want to avoid the vendor lock-in that means being in someone else's domain. I don't need any more features than standard github or gitlab actually.

Excuse my ignorance, but wouldn't a proxy do this?

I don’t think that would work. SameSite cookie attributes and stuff like that would get in the way.

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