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Mental operations: Supported by unique conjunctionsof distributed brain regions? (nature.com)
2 points by jordiw 35 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

This is interesting. I read an article the other day that concluded our brains are made of the same neurons as other animals. it's just as ours out grew the natural limit to conectivity and forced our brains to evolve localised units that then feed into working memory and the pattern state that is self. small brains are actually more heavily interconnected than ours. That got me thinking, the difference between our brains evolving into networked self and the internet evolving into a networked version of self can't be that far apart. we all contribute our thoughts to the network. The only difference is there is no platform equivalent of working memory or executive function that coordinates the whole thing. Humanities brain is basically epileptic. once our attention is governed by a self organised executive function. maybe a direct democratic platform, we might become a global Brian.

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