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I haven't heard of SpiderOak before, but from their site, it sounds like you create the equivalent of a private key on each device you use, so that your data is encrypted on the machine itself and never visible/readable by the SpiderOak servers (roughly). Is this correct?

How easy do you find SpiderOak to use otherwise?

I gave SpiderOak a shot but had to give up quickly because their OSX client was an unmitigated disaster.

It may be possible to ignore the horrible UI once it's set up, but I couldn't ignore that it randomly decided to stop syncing individual files or entire folders.

On the second day I even set it up from scratch again, as I figured I might have done something wrong the first time. But on day 3 my laptop and desktop were desynced again, so I went back to unison...

http://www.spideroak.com is nice but unfortunately they started to implement some file sharing features so they stopped offering true client-side encryption as well. At least they are way more secure than DropBox. Another one: https://secure.cloudsafe.com/

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