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This is completely unfair to Drew and also out of line.

We do know what happened, because Drew told us what happened.

Years ago, when my wife thought her MacBook was stolen, I emailed Drew and asked if he would notify us if it connected to Dropbox, and he was happy to help. This was back when Dropbox was small. (My account is number 315, for example.)

Drew is a good person, and unless you have some basis for calling him a liar, don't.

What is "out of line" is attacking me for operating on a default-untrusted policy instead of a default-trusted policy. We all don't share your happy Drew Houston story do we?

That is great that Drew helped you when the company was small. Facts are easy to distort when your company's reputation is getting flushed down the toilet and it is not a reflection upon Drew personally that I do not automatically trust him.

I tried believing in the best in people. It stopped working. Until shown otherwise I question every input and you would be stupid to do otherwise.

I can relate with "I tried believing in the best in people. It stopped working." I've had some nasty experiences as well. I've been burnt, badly, a lot. By both family and friends.

You're right. I was probably just clinging to the fantasy that YCombinator is the one pure group of people in a world of backstabbers. But I guess Airbnb already disproved that.

I don't distort facts. Neither did Feynman. Drew is an MIT alum, so I was assuming/hoping YCombinator consisted mostly of people with that type of scientific integrity.

Curious, what does this refer to: "But I guess Airbnb already disproved that."

I think there's a difference between deciding that you're skeptical, so that you're not going to act in a way that risks too much; versus publicly implying that it's actually a lie.

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