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Claiming “you never forget hard problems you solved” underestimates forgetting
4 points by NiceWayToDoIT 3 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Influential people, tech giant often say that "if you forgot some difficult problem, and you do not how to explain it probably you have not done it" seems as underestimating power of time and forgetting. There is that saying "if you do not use it you lose it". How many times have you solved, something difficult only once, because you needed it only just that one time, then fast forward 10 years later, you have just a vague feeling, but you cannot remember the details?

"An Leetcode A Day Keeps Unemployment Away"

I almost completely forget my "Interviewing Skills" - AKA solving leetcode style interview probelms, when I actually get a job. Those are arguably some of the toughest problems I've tackled in my career. Probably more so than any "real work" done on the job simply because of the nature of the pressurecooker interview setting.

The best solution to that seems to be constantly drilling leetcode problems.

I’ve spent decades solving hard problems and there’s zero chance of me remembering any significant percentage of them.

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