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Ask HN: Could domain name registration be the killer app for NFTs?
4 points by sigmaprimus 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments
I have paid hundreds of dollars to basically lease or rent the right to use a domain name. It seems to me that this entire market could be disrupted by a decentralized public blockchain and a browser plugin. Maybe I am missing what value DNS registration companies provide other than an another invoice being sent to me every two years.

Is anyone currently working on something along these lines?

I think that's kinda where the handshake network is at. Something something crypto domains. Instead of a plugin, though, you just use a different DNS server.

Yeah... this concept keeps coming up, so maybe there's some demand there. It's hard to see what problem it really solves though -- especially vs the problems it creates.

Hence the need for big government, the Libratarien said to the NeoCom...It solves the same problem just from a different perspective.

Identity politics FTW

If you are making a website and want to attract users...why would you force users to download a plugin and lose 99% of your potential users. Better to pay the $10.

If you are making a website and don't want to attract users...why would you want a popular name?

If you want a solid base of users in a different ecosystem and don't want to pay the fee...why not make a Facebook page?

Wow...I think I hit a nerve...

Who said anything about forcing(at least I don't think I did!) but now that You mention it.

Lets hear your answer. I will promise that I will deliberate over Your comment and give You my honest, human, non algorithm opinion.


Sounds like you are looking for namecoin?

Maybe! Name coin definitely sounds promising!

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