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Ask HN: Best way to sell a $28k MRR company
6 points by ajennings 3 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments
I own a SaaS business with a family member, which has become a nice lifestyle business, but my business partner is ready to retire and I've become involved in a YC company which is growing like crazy.

There would be nobody staying with this company except perhaps one technician and a contract programmer, but the code is clean and the revenue is reliable. Hard expenses are trivial and there is good potential for growth. One good developer interested in business could run the whole thing.

Is there a good place to put a business like this up "for sale"?

If you are mentioning MRR, I assume you run some sort of subscription business model. Make sure you have all the standard subscription model metrics in place and easily accessible. Find examples below.

MRR, ARR, LTV, CAC, CAC Payback, LTV/CAC, NDR, Churn (Gross and Logo), Conversion Rates (if freemium), etc.

Besides these metrics, make sure to have a solid Revenue Forecast.

I work in the Data department of a start-up that recently raised capital and those metrics were crucial to our funding round.

If you want further advice, let's connect in some way (I'm new to HN, so I'm not sure how to do that).

Excellent resource. Thank you!

I might be interested but also happy to give you some feedback. I'm a former investment banker and have also looked at hundreds of small businesses for personal aquisition. My email is in my profile.

Prepare to get swamped with messages!

https://www.flippa.com is a marketplace for selling businesses/websites.

Could you post the tech stack?

And what general niche/industry it is in?

If you would like to email me directly

<HNusername> at gmail

The code is mostly C#. There is also an Android app in Java.

It is in the supply chain/warehouse management industry.

I will email. Thanks!

I'm interested, my email is <HNusername> at hotmail. Also, email how much you want for it.

I’m interested. Can you email me as well. Same email format.

would you mind emailing me as well? <username>-without-the-first-letter-m @ gmail

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