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Elon Musk Promises Tracker (elonmusk.today)
44 points by stunt 3 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

Some of these are not particularly strong, and they missed several significant ones (Roadster, Cybertruck, Semi, refreshed Model S).


_Someone_’s gotta try this though !

Everything is a boat for a short period of time.

That depends on whether it tilts inwards or outwards when turning a curve. It could be a ship instead.

mmh. weird. is the tracker updated?

https://elonmusk.today/#500-thousand-teslas-year is still on there.

while it seems that tesla did reach the milestone in 2020 according to https://backlinko.com/tesla-stats

Technically Tesla fell just short of 500K cars in 2020.

Would love if they linked to a follow-up, showing wether Musk delivered or not on his claims.

At least someone is thinking about all of these things...

> Like Donald Trump, But For Nerds

Not only for nerds. Like Trump was for years, Musk is living rent free inside the medias head. They hate him and yet they continue to make him.

> Like Donald Trump, But For Nerds

Tweet controversial things confidently and erratically to build buzz, then just pretend you never said it, and be defended to the death by your horde of passionate believers who know it’s obvious what you really meant to say.

I don’t think Musk is actively as malicious as Trump but the Twitter playbook at least is quite similar.

Is there a new short sell campaign for tesla I'm unaware of?

ah yes, because any criticism of dear leader has to be a "short sell campaign"...

Not even criticism. Just a list of his promises without any interpretations.

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