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Fuck Magento (fuckmagento.com)
29 points by Yusu 3 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

I wholeheartedly agree with this.

I have worked on Magento 2 stores (even got their training, which was atrocious!), and... it was awful. It would take a LOT of money to get me to touch it ever again.

It eats error messages, the logging is awful, it's unbelievably slow uncached (turning off the config cache used to make things take minutes to load), the plugin ecosystem is full of badly written messes that grovel around in the internals of Magento 2 and break built-in features so that you then have to go and fix those yourself later, and it's almost impossible to make a nontrivial store without maintaining your own bugfixes to several core packages.

edit: oh, and you couldn't actually upload images because it processed them all in-request using gd or imagemagick and adding more than about three would make the requests time out.

Run, don't walk.

I also dislike Magento, I switched to WooCommerce and I'm really satisfied with it, no issues.

This was the issue that forced me to switch: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/21201

Summary: A brand new installation didn't work even though the server passed the requirements.

Their response was that:

> The GitHub issue tracker is intended for Magento Core technical issues only. Please refer to the Community Forums.

And I was not crazy, even after the issue was closed others reported same problems:

> I have exact same issue. Already wasted one whole days , then saw this post.

> I have the same issue. Wasted whole day on it, did fresh install twice. Then came to this from another report that was closed.

> have the same exact issue, first use of Magento. searching for a solution without luck.

So, multiple people had problems fresh installing Magento on a new server, Magento installer says installation is successful and all requirements are met, then it proudly redirects you to your broken home page.

I did community work on Magento when it was about to blow up and even then it was kinda obvious that it was over-engineered, slow af and not suited for the shared hosting landscape (this was before it was branded as an "enterprise" solution). I'm surprised that anyone would recommend Magento to a new business in 2021.

Just installed and testing Magento for a client, and I cant say I'm having a good experience. But what I miss in the rage registered domain, fuckmagento.com, are proper alternatives. I don't mind the rage posts about something being bad, but point out some proper alternatives too :)

> Just installed and testing Magento for a client, and I cant say I'm having a good experience. But what I miss in the rage registered domain, fuckmagento.com, are proper alternatives. I don't mind the rage posts about something being bad, but point out some proper alternatives too :)

Shopware, if actually need something self hosted. In fact most people probably do not need a self hosted shop at all in reality.

He suggests shopify

oh missed that, though that's just as bad imho.

It depends on the needs of the business of course, but for small companies Shopify is pretty good considering how much value you get for a couple of dollars per month.

WooCommerce exists for businesses with complex needs or when a business needs to be in control of their store and data. It's a complex software on top of another complex software but for what it enables businesses to do, I understand why even mid and large size businesses pick WooCommerce for their e-commerce stores. Some of the complexity can be countered by using a managed WordPress hosting like Kinsta or WP Engine, which are surprisingly affordable these days.

The criticism is a bit over the top. I had to do some paid work on Magento extensions for a pre-existing customer installation for a while, and while it was a slow, bloated system unusable without throwing in a whole lot of extra cache systems, which also had its share of internationalization issues back then in v1, it was comparatively easy to find my way around the source even without being an actual PHP programmer or prior knowledge of Magento.

(Disclaimer: This was Magento 1. Haven't looked at Magento 2)

Still wouldn't recommend it for actually setting up a shop, though.

Magento 1 and Magento 2 are not the same piece of software Magento2 was rewritten (twice) and to say is over engineered is putting it mildly, e.g. let's roll out our own dependecy injection.

Did Magento development for 2-years. The company I used to work for decided to go all-in and build a SaaS product on top of Magento to compete with Shopify. Always thought it was a stupid idea.

That said, this website got a facelift because I remember googling "fuck magento" 6-years ago and this URL was the first match. Obviously I wasn't the only one who hated it.

Pretty surprised something like this would make it on the front page of HN. Oh well.

Built with WordPress, oh the irony. WooCommerce should sponsor this page.

Once I had a friend that asked me if I can modify a page of a WooCommerce web app. I wasn't able to find the text of this page anywhere and if I was trying to edit that in WordPress, the page in edit mode didn't look even 5% close to the final result. After one hour going around to edit one word on one page, I gave up.

This is most likely related to the Theme that he was using. One drawback of WordPress and WooCommerce is the loosely opinionated ecosystem where each plugin/theme might end up offering different ways to accomplish the same goal. WP definitely needs some time to get used to, sometimes getting used to a new theme is like switching to a different ecommerce platform.

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