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Show HN: Watch the same video somewhere that is not YouTube (tubeshift.info)
30 points by TylerRiddle 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 30 comments

This is a personal project of mine that was borne out of frustration and disgust at the behavior of YouTube over the past several years.

The censorship on YouTube (and many other websites) is hitting a level of absurdity that is hard to believe. I can't imagine the general public is actually interested in having YouTube gatekeep so much information and act as if they are the arbiters of truth.

YouTube content creators are starting to hedge their bets by publishing in tandem to alternate platforms but they aren't always informing their audiences about it. There seems to be a good chunk of the population that is also tired of YouTube's behavior but isn't ready to totally boycott the service.

I created TubeShift to do 3 specific things:

1) Help publishers drive traffic away from YouTube to their official alternate publishing locations such as Rumble or Dailymotion.

2) Help people who want to watch less YouTube find the official content of the publishers they pay attention to somewhere that is not YouTube.

3) Give users a chance to still see the video they want to see even if it was removed from YouTube, for instance if they followed a hyperlink right to a YouTube video watch page.

You'll find some test links on the website to an EEVBlog and History Guy video both of which are hedging their bets.

Here's a test URL for a video that's been removed. Louis Rossman, who I can't imagine is controversial for any reason except making established tech unhappy through right to repair reform, just recently published a video about someone who is starting fires in front of his repair shop in New York City. In less than 24 hours after publication the video was removed from YouTube for unknown reasons.

Not a problem because TubeShift had already managed to get it into it's database.



You've provided two examples of censorship.

The first is a video that was removed from YouTube by the uploader, not by YouTube.

The second is Twitter blocking a link to a YouTube video that's still up.

I get you want to be a victim, but YouTube doesn't owe you or anyone else a platform. And even so, in no way is their "censorship" hitting a "level of absurdity that is hard to believe".

> The first is a video that was removed from YouTube by the uploader,

Only a part of this can be confirmed. Rossman hasn't made a statement yet about why that video was removed but for instance he still links to it from other places. If a video is flagged by YouTube for what ever reason one of the available options is for the publisher to voluntarily remove it to avoid something like a channel strike.

Rossman is potentially a victim here but it doesn't mater because the nature of the removal is irrelevant for the system from a technical standpoint.

> The second is Twitter blocking a link to a YouTube video that's still up.

You didn't look in very much detail. The post I could not make had a link to the same video in BitChute. When it's on BitChute it's harmful but when it's on YouTube it's not. It's the same video content with a different URL! I suspect what happened is BitChute is blacklisted from Twitter completely but I haven't tested it yet.

I suppose some how the exact same video is only harmful when it's on BitChute. That makes sense, right? This is the video by the way: https://www.bitchute.com/video/25cQBXfjgpLo/

> YouTube doesn't owe you or anyone else a platform.

Are you sure that argument makes sense when you are discussing a thing that is intended to drive people away from YouTube? Does it sound like I think YouTube owes anyone anything? It sounds more like I'm saying 'Watch Less YouTube' which would, at least in my head, be the opposite of thinking YouTube owed anyone anything.

> And even so, in no way is their "censorship" hitting a "level of absurdity that is hard to believe".

Yeah, it is. https://odysee.com/@MLChristiansen:d/susan-wicky-wicky-brags...

This is great. Thanks for this!


HN pro tip: do not discuss voting, especially downvoting, for any reason. It's against the guidelines, but even if you don't do it just for that reason: it's super uninteresting, and shows a minor disrespect for the time/attention of others (expecting them to take time reading uninteresting complaining).

(I'm breaking my own rule here but your username is green which means you're new here, so I wanted to help out as you seem to be keen to contribute useful things.)

Some additional info:

I've setup a social media account for TubeShift at Gab which you can find here https://gab.com/tubeshift

I setup a Twitter account too though it's really only out of morbid curiosity. I ran into my first bit of censorship on my third post! I was unable to submit a link to a funny video where YouTube is acting like a thug demanding a content creator censor themselves. The Tweet was rejected as being "potentially harmful content" - I'm not exactly sure what it's harming except the reputation of companies that like to censor. https://twitter.com/TubeShiftPlugin/status/13796110972594053...

Here's the video on BitChute - be careful though Twitter thinks this is harmful. https://www.bitchute.com/video/25cQBXfjgpLo/

"I've setup a social media account for TubeShift at Gab"


Yep. If the "red, white and blue" TubeShift icon, the "Ditch Big Tech" tagline, and the link to the far-right video hosting platform BitChute weren't loud enough dog whistles, this one is.

What exactly is being whistled? Can you please be specific?

Isn’t Gab that site for far-right extremists?

Why not Mastodon instead?

I have my own account on Gab independent of TubeShift and I find it to be the most fun. Gab is nuts but so am I so it works out well.

I routinely fight with the users that worship Torba and call them a cult as a hobby. I like the conflict.

I routinely harras Torba and tell him to fix his crap software and call him incompetent. Then I fight off his cult backing him up with out thought. I like the conflict.

It's fun.

I think you have your answer. Watch the video they posted, too.

There's plenty of stuff on Barricade Garage's channel that you would consider far right. But perhaps you should consider that his message is actually that the establishment successfully keeps us from cooperating by perpetuating a left vs right narrative. The reason they do this is so we don't unite against them.

I think he has a pretty good point. You could try listening to some of his "far right" views. They are in YouTube and BitChute: "CNN INTERVIEW GONE WRONG" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb0lh3_s4Dk and "HE GOT HIT WITH THAT BIG MAC" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PWiMiO5Buo

I've never seen a member of the "far right" throw gang signs before.

I thought Facebook and Gmail were the sites that far-right extremists use most.

This is an interesting idea. YouTube is that last big Google service that I struggle to cut out of my life since it seems to have so much more content than the alternatives. It would be great to know when I can switch to another one for a video, and maybe build that into a habit.

But looking at the service, I wish that this site provided a simple form where I could input a URL and see if there's any alternatives. It would be an opportunity to see if this service has alternatives for the channels I typically watch before agreeing to install the extension in my browser. For some reason I'm hesitant to install new extensions and I'm not comfortable having all the URLs of YouTube videos I watch being sent to someone's server, but a form or bookmarklet would let me find alternatives when I choose to look.

Good luck, and thanks for working on a project that's trying to wind back the gatekeeping and extreme censorship we see today.

> I wish that this site provided a simple form where I could input a URL

Thanks for the note. I thought about this exact use case. It is a big ask to get someone to install an extension and a privilege to sit inside their browser (and I take this seriously).

I think I will add in this feature to the marketing website sooner than later, probably tomorrow, because it is sorely lacking. I think also a search function is in order but right now the system does not track the titles of any videos because that information isn't needed when it deals only with alternates.

> Good luck, and thanks for working on a project that's trying to wind back the gatekeeping and extreme censorship we see today.

It's getting nuts. I'm doing what I can think of! Cheers.

I'm collecting requests for channels to add into TubeShift.

If you would like to have your favorite YouTuber in the system, or you are a YouTuber and would like to be in TubeShift, feel free to either leave a comment here or you can use the submission process on the website at https://www.tubeshift.info/#submit

There needs to be a free service that protects the right to expression of those people that have an earnest desire to improve the world even if their views might clash with large companies that buy the ads on free platforms, any local jurisdiction, or with the state that controls most payments in the world.

And where "improve the world" at the same time doesn't involve supporting maniacal & genocidal Nazis, Islamist terrorists, supremacists and laissez faire billionaires that don't give a s**t about anything or anybody but themselves.

A service like this might be too much to hope for in the near future, but nonetheless something I feel we need to be on the lookout for. Many maybe thought that the internet itself was such a service (admittedly many years ago now). This service doesn't seem to haul in that direction either, given the "all or nothing" philosophy that ultimately and unavoidably ends up promoting all of the above mentioned sewage.

Ponder that you have created a mutually exclusive set of requirements here. Some how there must be free expression that is not corrupted by undue external influence but then at the same time something also gets to pick and choose what is acceptable.

I gave up being a pure libertarian a long time ago so I'm very familiar with this argument and the issues related to it.

> given the "all or nothing" philosophy that ultimately and unavoidably ends up promoting all of the above mentioned sewage.

I don't know why you think anything and everything is allowed into TubeShift. It's not for a number of reasons:

First the channel has to be established on YouTube which inherently limits that channel's amount of extremeness. For it to bubble up into the radar of TubeShift means it's already got an audience and some views. Anything that extreme won't make it that far on YouTube.

Second, I hand curate the list. I've decided to make myself ultimate decider of what does and does not go in there. I can assure you I don't stuff everything into it I can find.

I used to be hard line free speech and anything goes. After being told so many times that no platform owes anyone anything I decided to run with it.

Are you familiar with the concepts of reciprocity and symmetry? I think the leftists are about to get a real world example and they aren't going to like it.


I picked EPIK specifically because they have demonstrated they won't cave when pressure is put on them. Why would I trust the massive single point of failure that a domain registrar sits as to an organization that will cave to the public in a heartbeat?

Same reason they picked Gab for social media and BitChute for video hosting. It's not a mistake.

Go look at Gab, it's not what it used to be.

When it was full of Nazis the place was intolerable because they harassed everyone that wasn't extreme. I never stuck around for that because the user experience was very poor. Those guys were assholes.

It's pretty tame right now by Gab standards. The influx of people after Parler was kicked off AWS really calmed the place down.

I haven't seen a Nazi since I signed up again a few months ago. There's even routinely people going around telling the open racists to stop being racist.

Gab's fine.

I'm very familiar with Gab. I check it quite often, because I (unfortunately) used to know the CEO.

"There's fewer Nazi's" isn't the ringing endorsement you think it is. If you're on Gab and you think "this is fine", you probably should take a look in the mirror.

Torba is something else.

> "There's fewer Nazi's" isn't the ringing endorsement you think it is.

There's almost none actually. People are asking 'where are the Nazis I keep hearing about?' You know why? They are being chased off.

Just like the population now is going after the open racists. This is a cultural shift at Gab as more and more normal people come in because they are being chased off other platforms.

It's not complicated.

So you're saying the registrar's CEO isn't likely to wake up on the wrong side of the bed and shut it down? Good information, thanks.

Yeah it's pretty amazing watching these people question the reason I'm using platforms and services from companies that are highly resistant to caving to demands for censorship in the tool I built that is, in part, for resisting censorship.

The obvious answer of "it's to successfully resist censorship" just doesn't make it into their brains for some reason.

Ignore the haters on HN. Anyone who dares step outside of Twitter/YouTube is a Nazi, didn’t you know.


Ideologues to the left of me, Ideologues to the right, Here I am, Stuck in the middle with you

Most people just can't comprehend not being completely binary on their politics.

People here are calling Barricade Garage far right. The slightest amount of effort spent looking into what he says and how he says it should let anyone know his views can't possibly be that simple.

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