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Show HN: My self-pub book on Evolutionary Algorithms with Python (inc. sample) (datacrayon.com)
13 points by batterylow 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Good choice to use Platypus! I've collaborated with its author in the past and I have a lot of respect for him.

In general, I'm really glad you're talking about modern MOEAs. There's far too much material on the internet that hasn't progressed beyond Goldberg's GA.

I can't remember now if I wrote about it in the book, but settling on a decent library was quite difficult. There's so many, with various trade-offs, and some haven't been updated for years! Platypus is great, a few of my PhD students are using it too. Plenty of respect for the author(s)!

I'm still updating the book every now and again - eventually working towards one of my research directions on neuroevolution. Some of the classical GA's are good teaching vehicles, but as it's a practical book I'd like to move towards the state-of-the-art too :)

Very beautiful cover and interesting topic. I'd have liked the full table of contents to be visible somewhere on the page or in the sample otherwise it's hard to know what you're buying.

I forgot to mention - I made that model on the cover in Unity 3D! I got a little carried away and developed a library for visualising the hypervolume and contributing hypervolume indicator in 3D space!

Thank you! The table of contents is one of the "preview images", if you scroll a little further down. I'm using a standard template so I tried to make use of what it had!

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