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This was my third and fourth startup. Having failed twice by lack of funding I learned to do without and what people want.

Free anonymous internet you want to pay for: Ambient Connectivity. After 20 years of hard work I am about to roll out a much more ambitious approach:

- free gsm for mobile phones in a square mile - free Wifi for smartphones/tablets/laptops - 'campus' network with your neigbours with 1 - 10 Gb/s ethernet links over optical fiber or UTP cable - free shared storage of tv, movies, music - end-to-end encryption and anonymity in the clients, not the network - users buy the routers $100 ($1000 rural) and the 2-4 cables - Open ISP sells 1000 Mb/s traffic at $4 to pay for the backbone and the free traffic (1 Mb/s per user). - Open ISP can not control anything and proves this by allowing the community to audit their routers

A first-mile network with free mobile and wifi traffic on top of a 1-10 Gbps optical fiber (and UTP) last mile with an non-profit ISP behind it. Crucial is the $100 mesh router I designed, a 10 GBps optical 8 core router with wifi and picocell built in, capable of software radio with. We also use off the shelf DD-WRT and PicoBSD based $50 routers. Without the cheap 10 Gb/s the community network will be too slow. We must compete with FTTH and the telco's. Stringing optical fiber over private property (farms, backyards, roofs, between appartements) is key to the freedom part. This will be my fourth commercial internet provider, one is now big. merik@eigenglasvezel.net Co-fonders wanted.

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