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Microsoft Power Apps | Senior Software Engineer | Bellevue, WA | Full-time

We are looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer with strong expertise in front end.

We are passionate about building things that help other teams and solving problems that span across the org. We collaborate closely with many different teams, and we pursue creative solutions to help make them successful. We embrace modern tooling and approaches, and we’re optimizing our engineering for building cloud first web applications with a faster cadence of releases to deliver innovation at an exciting pace. Our responsibilities span across multiple key areas, including building core TypeScript libraries, common React components, a GraphQL middle tier, and infrastructure to develop, build, and deploy single page applications. Our team works in an agile start-up like environment where we expect each team member to think out of the box to contribute and collaborate towards the mission of the team in a feature-crew setting.


Why is it that every single sign in option for careers.microsoft.com requires me to provide Microsoft private data such as my contact list?

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