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Anagenex | ONSITE or REMOTE | San Francisco | Infrastructure Engineer, Computational Chemist

We are a seed stage biotechnology company building a novel platform for drug discovery focusing on difficult targets. Machine learning has struggled in early stage drug discovery efforts because most of these efforts do not have enough data for the models to parse. Our technology solves the data problem with massively parallel biochemistry in the form of DNA Encoded Libraries (DELs), allowing us to analyze 100-1000x more compounds compared to traditional approaches. By feeding our algorithms with this data we can identify better compounds faster than competing solutions. We recently closed a substantial seed investment (2+ years runway) and are assembling a highly interdisciplinary team of both bench and computational scientists. Come help us build the future of drug discovery!

Infrastructure/DevOps Engineer: We are looking for our first back-end infrastructure hire. This person will be driving technology choices, designing and building distributed computational and model training infrastructure. This infrastructure will be used to handle billions of datapoints and train models on those datapoints to hopefully discover new medicines. We currently use a Kubernetes cluster, Spark, and PyTorch among others. Our infrastructure is functional but needs an experienced engineer to take it to the next level.

Computational Chemist: We are looking for a computational chemist to create a cutting edge drug discovery toolchain. We strongly favor open platforms such as RDKit but are open to alternatives that maximize performance. This person should be familiar with traditional SAR, structure based drug discovery, ADME prediction and have some exposure to more recent ML applications to drug discovery.

These roles are both asking a lot, and correspondingly we offer strong equity and competitive compensation. The roles are also a unique opportunity to build systems correctly from the ground up to solve a really important problem!

Odds and ends:

Interview process is generally phone and video conversations with the computational team followed by the larger team. We are currently 7 strong with both laboratory and computational people and it's critical that everyone on the team enjoys each other's company. We are also a diverse team across the company and welcome people from all backgrounds.

Onsite would be in SF or Boston where we have our lab, however our team is hybrid/remote for the foreseeable future.

We offer healthcare coverage and typical technology startup benefits.

If interested please apply on our jobs site:


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