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Checkbook.io | Digital Payments | San Mateo/ San Francisco CA | ONSITE | Full-time | Engineering | $120K+ and equity We are a fintech startup and solving the problem of sending payments. paper Checks are still profound in the business world and there are no easy alternatives to them. ACH takes 4 working days. Instant and Real-time Payments are the way to go. Contrary to popular opinion paper Checks are not going away, in fact according the 2018 report by the Federal Reserve 15.2 Billion paper Checks were sent in the US alone, transferring a sum of money 3X times VISA/MC combined! We’ve built a way to convert Checks directly to real-time payments bypassing ACH altogether.

Recipient can Deposit them online by verifying their bank account instantly, no signup. no login, no app to download. Basically we are doing to paper Checks what Stripe and Square have done to the Credit Card space. We’re in midst of our Series A, seeing exponential growth, have a small but great team and super investors (Tim Draper, Naval Ravikant/Kevin Laws of Angelist, our customers and many more ) i.e. this would be a good time to join.

Looking for both a back-end as well as a front-end engineer. Need to have a strong background in being able to write scalable software, preferably multi-paradigm, disciplined. I’m the Founder of the company - this is a “founding team” level opportunity - you’ll be working with me and other core people in the team. Work hard - play hard.

Our tech stack is Python, Angular, Postgres.

We move fast - if you’ve done a hackathon - we’ll probably want to do one with you and it’ll be clear if we are a mutual fit

Email admin@checkbook.io or pj [at] checkbook.io

@pj I know you from some previous thread. Nice to see you here and good luck with your hiring!

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