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Beanstalk Farms (W18) | Full-time Onsite | Senior Software Engineer, Director of Research, and more [0] | Washington DC | https://beanstalk.farm

We're growing the world's appetite for fresh produce in local vertical farms. We are expanding our production and are launching several product lines in the next 9 months.

Software at Beanstalk means an interesting mix of fields: logistical web apps, plant-growth-focused statistics, embedded systems, and whole-farm systems engineering. We are a team of multidisciplinary engineers who pride ourselves on pragmatism.

Our web stack is Postgres + Postgraphile + React, hosted in Kubernetes. Our robotics stack is Python + Arduino deployed via Balena to RPI's and ClearCore's.

Shoot me an email at brent.baumgartner@beanstalk.farm if this sounds interesting. Even if you're not a perfect fit for any of our open positions, we're happy to make up a role for the right engineer or scientist.

[0] All our open positions: https://boards.greenhouse.io/beanstalk

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