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Replit (YC W18) | Engineers & Designers | SF or REMOTE (4hrs overlap with PT) | https://replit.com/careers

What if you could influence how an entire generation of programmers code?

Replit is a collaborative in-browser IDE. We're building a stellar compute platform that runs code for millions of users, and hosts millions of apps (cheaply). Replit is the most popular entry-to-programming IDE and is the best in its collaborative capabilities. It's also increasingly the number-one destination for teenage hackers and hobbyists to build and launch apps.

Our work spans the hardest problems in computing (sandboxing, distributed systems, scheduling) and the most interesting problems in HCI ("how do you create a learnable programming environment?").

It's a unique time to join because we proved a huge demand for what we're building while also being early enough to have a huge impact and get a big part of the upside. We are only 22 people.

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