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Collibra | Backend Engineer (Big Data) / Fullstack Engineer | Remote | https://www.collibra.com/

We are an enterprise Data Quality detection & monitoring tool. Our startup got recently acquired (https://bit.ly/39yGIwr) and joined the Collibra team to provide Data Quality product to Collibra's data governance & management suite. Be part of the chaotic but hopefully fun integration and expansion in a bigger company (Collibra is a series F startup with plan for IPO soon) while still having the feel of a smaller startup. As part of Data Quality Product, you will be part of engineering team that is driving key aspect of Collibra's growth strategy as the go-to enterprise solution for data management.

We are fully remote, even for post-COVID. On-site is available for NYC (when applicable). UK/EU employment is possible but US preferred (we are trying to grow US engineering team).

We don't do leet code algorithm coding tests just because FAANG does. We don't care if you know how to make coin change using dynamic programming. You should be good at and interested in writing software that will actually be used and provide value to users.

We use mixture of Java Spring for API and DB (Postgres & CockroachDB) and Scala for Spark. Frontend is a bit messier where we are using jquery which is being migrated to Angular (TypeScript), but it may be re-migrated into React.

Relevant keyword soup: Java, Spring, JDBC, Scala, Spark, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Postgres, Docker, GCP

* Fullstack Engineer: https://grnh.se/a1d2a7611us

* Backend Engineer (Big Data): https://grnh.se/74f556c51us (not a "Python Data Scientist" job. Java heavy with some scala)

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