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Show HN: Ultimate Startup Apparel–Founder friendly clothing
13 points by miaskiewicz 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | discuss
We built Capbase to make life easier for founders, and we take that mission seriously.

Capbase started out on a mission to simplify the process of starting a startup for founders. We realized there is a bigger problem that needs to be solved first: founder fashion. When you are thinking about starting a startup, looking like a startup founder probably isn’t top of mind. But a founder’s fashion choices can make the difference between a failed startup and a unicorn.

Say hello to Ultimate Startup Apparel: https://shop.capbase.com

We have designed founder-friendly clothing and home goods that make your startup more fundable and unlock maximum productivity for employees.

For too long, clothing has not been founder-friendly.

Do you really feel secure carrying your crypto cold-storage device in your pants? Probably not. That’s why we carry the Startup Sac-Visor, where you can store things like your cold storage device on your head.

Let’s play out another scenario: you are about to sit down for a meal and you want to sanitize your hands. Your only solution is Purell, which is a legacy, broken business model. Instead, you can use our Startups hand sanitizer, which has been formulated using state-of-the-art testing procedures. (The creator of Purell’s step-nephew is on our advisory board). It’s actually now insane to think about using a hand sanitizer that doesn’t align with your personal brand.

Stripe always talks about expanding the GDP of the internet, but what about expanding the GDP of branding?

It’s a strongly held company belief that everything in your personal life should be an extension of your professional life. Your car should tell people that you work for a startup. If you are getting married and you haven’t pitched to the wedding party? You are falling behind.

These are table stakes in today’s world.

So why would you wear clothing that doesn’t reflect this reality?

People wear a Polo pony because it’s aspirational: polo represents a glamorous segment of American society. And the name is simple and straightforward: it’s just “Polo”.

But that era is coming to a close. Startup founders are the new polo players.

Our vision is to create clothing that our children will be excited to wear. Our job is not complete until we see a family walking down the street in matching Startup outfits.


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