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Karat |Interview Engineer | REMOTE (US & OUTSIDE US) | Part-time & Full-time | https://karat.com/company/careers/

Karat is a Seattle-based startup that conducts software engineering interviews on behalf of other engineering organizations -- primarily first-round technical interviews. Our network of experienced Interview Engineers have conducted tens of thousands of technical interviews with software engineering candidates. Clients increase capacity to interview and unlock engineering productivity, all while providing exceptional candidate experiences.

We are a well funded and quickly growing startup. If you enjoy interviewing and are looking for part-time flexible freelance gig. Check out our Interview Engineer role.

Interview Engineer - Remote - Freelance - 7-40hrs/week. $100 USD per interview (60 minute interview + up to 30 minutes for feedback report)

If interested in becoming an Interview Engineer, please submit your resume and complete our application on our careers site. We look forward to connecting with you!

Interview Engineer (Within the U.S.): https://boards.greenhouse.io/karat/jobs/5152075002

Interview Engineer (Outside of U.S.):https://boards.greenhouse.io/karat/jobs/5158455002

CAREERS SITE: https://karat.com/company/careers/

Tried to apply, but you don't consider DC a state. Shame.

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