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Hedgehog | Senior Mobile Dev, Senior Application Security Dev, Senior Back-end Dev, Senior Growth Marketer | Remote | Full-time | https://hedgehog.app

Hedgehog is a cryptocurrency aggregator and portfolio manager that helps clients connect to 130+ exchanges to manage all their trades, wallets, and transactions in one place. We aim to connect everyone with the best prices they can get anywhere, even for pairs that don't normally exist.

After launching at the end of January, we've already surpassed $16 million in assets managed on the platform, and our month-over-month volume is growing rapidly. We have an initial round of funding and will be announcing the leads shortly, and we're excited to use the money to make crypto easy to use for everyone.

If you want to build foundational elements of the next web, get in touch because we'd love to talk!

Stack: Node, React, Web3, Postgres, Redis, AWS

Jobs: https://hedgehog.app/careers.html

Contact: jobs@hedgehog.app

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