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MedifriendRx | Remote | Full Time Software Engineer

We have an automated dispensing kiosk for pharmaceuticals that can be placed in healthcare sites and managed by a remote pharmacy. The kiosk can handle dispensing of high-volume medications, as well as act as an interface for handling mail orders and transfers.

--- Tech Stack Details ---

Tech stack is entirely web technologies (JavaScript/TypeScript/React/Node). If you can build web apps, you can work here.

Backend: NodeJS with Postgres, hosted on AWS

Kiosk Client: Electron (TypeScript)

Pharmacy Web Portal: JavaScript

Mobile Application: TypeScript PWA

We're looking for a competent engineer who can work on and take ownership over features. An interest in building developer tools and tests is a big plus. Experience writing E2E tests, particularly with Electron, would be even better, although by no means necessary.

Contact: CTO Tomas Savigliano jobs@medifriendrx.com

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