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Syniti | https://www.syniti.com/ | Software Engineer, DevOps | Full-time | US & Canada Remote

Syniti is one of the foremost data migration companies assisting thousands of customers in managing and migrating their data. In the process we've learned that there is a fantastic opportunity to build out a governance platform to manage the data we just migrated and continuously evaluate it over time for quality. It is important, critical, and customers pay a lot of money to ensure their companies run smoothly.

We are building out this new platform using the best modern technologies. Go backends with modern Angular frontends all running on our Kubernetes cluster. We strive for engineering simplicity and powerful API's to deliver features quickly to our customers.

We want to chat if you:

* Have experience designing, developing and shipping cloud software

* Write well-crafted, readable, and maintainable code

* Are a team player and participate actively in code reviews to ensure quality and distribute knowledge

* Contribute in debugging and troubleshooting complete stack of services

* Are empathetic, collaborative and communicative

We prefer experience in Java, JavaScript, or Go, but we also believe strong developers can pickup languages readily. You can view specific positions at https://www.syniti.com/company/careers/, but we are hiring for more than just those roles.

If this sounds interesting, please reach out to: nancy.vivian@syniti.com

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