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Umlaut | Data privacy engineer, automotive | Full-time | Detroit, currently remote.

We're looking for a subject-matter expert to use data anonymization, pseudonymization and encryption to develop systems that preserve and improve privacy protections as they relate to autonomous vehicles and transportation-as-a-service.

You'll be working with a major auto OEM's project managers, product owners, and engineers. We're looking for someone with solid experience in OO programming, cloud computing, and issue tracking, plus a bunch of other buzzwordy stuff you'll find at the link below:


I don't work on this team, but I know some of the folks you'll be reporting to, and they're solid. When I saw this posting in our internal jobs system, I was so delighted to see privacy as a focus, I knew I had to post it here. The above link is tracked and will show that you're my personal referral. If you'd rather do without the referral, just go to umlaut.com and click on "Career", then "Jobs in USA and Canada".

We're also looking for a bunch of other positions including cybersecurity engineers (automotive embedded is a heck of a field!), battery industry experts, and more.

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