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Blockwatch | Data Engineer, Frontend Developer, Infrastructure Engineer | Full-time | REMOTE (US, Germany) | https://blockwatch.cc

Blockwatch is a data analytics provider for cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFTs. We build tools that help decentralize and democratize access to financial data and real-world assets. We're an engineering driven start-up with a particular focus on efficient APIs and data storage solutions.

Our team has a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural background with previous experience in systems research, embedded system design, media technology, media design and cultural studies. We're early stage, but successfully deliver products that are used by thousands of users every day.

We're hiring across a range of engineering roles, including:

- Blockchain Data Engineer: https://blockwatch.cc/blog/jobs-blockchain-data-engineer-03-...

- Frontend Developer: https://blockwatch.cc/blog/frontend-developer-03-2021

- Infrastructure Engineer: https://blockwatch.cc/blog/jobs-infrastructure-engineer-03-2...

Feel free to e-mail us at: alex - at - blockwatch - dot - cc

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