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Ask HN: What is your favorite local business?
6 points by samcgraw 6 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I like the guys who deliver propane to my front door, and they fill it up more than I get at the supermarket exchanges. Goes by the name of "Gassy Dan's" in Orange County.

There's also a good wine/beer/tobacco shop nearby: Hi-Time liquor and wine - definitely worth stopping by. More fun than your bevmo-style experience.

Petfood Express. It’s a California pet store chain with like 40 stores or something but the staff there are so nice and helpful. Their website is also nice to use though I much prefer going to the store.

The staff is knowledgeable and pet lovers first. I wanted to give my cat the best food and they were so helpful in helping me pick a few different items to try. My cat loved them all so that’s a great success!

A coffee caravan which is at a market i visit weekly. The staff are nice, we treat each other as equals, the coffee is good and everyone is mostly OK.

That and some australian sikh banana farmers who drive 250km each week to sell directly at the same market.

The Warren in downtown Pittsburgh. One side is a dive bar; the other side is a wine and beer shop that's staffed by sommeliers. They also have the largest supply of indie wines in the state.

My local liquor store. Everybody is always in a chipper mood. Great selection, great prices, great staff. Makes me feel like Charlie walking into a candy shop.

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