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Since others already mentioned many fantastic alternatives, let me share mine: https://bbodi.github.io/notecalc3/

How difficult would something like this be to port to Visual Studio?

P.S. looks like a great app!

author here: I have zero experience with Visual Studio API, and honestly, looking at what a giant and slow mess VS became, I would not even try it :)

But providing a standalone desktop/terminal version is on the list.

Ah, desktop/terminal would be awesome! It's just too easy to loose track of browser tabs. :-)

What would it take to have this as a desktop app?

As I see it it is rust and wasm. It would be nice to have some note about the architecture in the docs, maybe someone would pick it up to make a desktop app from it too.

Hi, it would not be hard at all, at the moment for me it would be like 1 day of work. Honestly, I just don't see its benefit, you can always open it on a dedicated browser and use it as it would be a desktop app.

However, in the next release I might provide a desktop version.

Well, I prefer to use browsers as, well browsers instead of app hosts..., to many tabs, too many distractions, and not that fast )the whole browser, not a given page).

Just using an app that I can open and close anytime is much preferable to me. Currently using speedcrunch for this, but your solution looks a bit more feature full and maybe a good middle-ground between a calculator and just firing up ipython or similar.

All in all a desktop version would be much appreciated, but I understand if it's not a focus for you. For the technical part: what do you think, what would you use in rust to turn this intu a regular gui app?

Nice one, mate

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