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This is a disconcerting self-community interaction analysis tool. I don't like my top comments at all.

I was surprised by this as well, my top comments were on the whole, rather forgettable.

Apparently the best thing I've ever said was a complaint about an inaccurate headline.

The seventeenth-best thing I've ever said was that "Gorillas aren't monkeys" with a somewhat later edit in which I complain about how many people are modding me up for such a pointless nitpick.

And the fortieth-best thing I've ever said was:

Of all the fantasies I've ever heard which involve a hotel room, a comely young lady, fifteen thousand dollars and all-you-can-drink cranberry juice, that's the dullest, I'm sorry.

I have no idea what the context was, but it sounds way better out of context.

Really though, the biggest problem with this is that it overwhelmingly contains recent comments due to karma inflation.

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