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Kevinism (wikipedia.org)
15 points by kklemon 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

I recall fairly negative attitudes about the name Kevin being widespread in the late 80s in the UK. Is a modern offspring of this the Karen?

Certain names end up in cycles, falling out of favour with the privileged as aspirational types adopt it for their children and then it gets tired , falls out of fashion and then the privileged revive it. But this would rarely or never happen for names that haven't been popular with the upper classes - so you won't see Kevin getting into this cycle I'm sure but you could just with a name like Nigel (even though it has Kevin-like connotations). The whole topic becomes one of snobbery, superficiality and judgementalism but it's remarkable how widely understood the associations often are.

That’s funny. French have the same thing with people naming their kid kevin as well.

Definitely a thing here in oz. Jayden and other names associated with working class "bogan" culture attract negative reactions.

The girl's name Kylie was particularly notorious for this for a while here in the UK, thanks to the popularity of a particular Ausie soap and pop star. Britney had it's day as well.

The exotic names I'm seeing out of my generation in western Canada are something to behold. I blame yoga.

Definitely a thing in Brazil as well. Most wealthy and middle class families stick to traditional Portuguese names.

Doh! My name is Kevin.... probably too late to change it now...

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