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> I predict that the author of that post will deeply regret their actions one day when they grow up.

The original signers of that letter are:

* Molly de Blanc (Debian Project, GNOME Foundation)

* Nathan Freitas

* Matthew Garrett (Former member of the FSF board of directors). See: https://twitter.com/mjg59

* Shauna Gordon-McKeon

* Elana Hashman (Debian Technical Committee Member, Open Source Initiative Director, Kubernetes SIG Instrumentation Chair)

* Faidon Liambotis (Open Source Initiative Director)

* Katherine Maher

* Tom Marble (Software Freedom Conservancy, Evaluation Committee Chair)

* Neil McGovern (GNOME Foundation Executive Director, Former Debian Project Leader)

* Deb Nicholson (OSI General Manager, SeaGL Co-Founder)

* Nadya Peek

* Julia Reda

* Eric Schultz

* Joan Touzet (Apache CouchDB PMC, Former Apache Software Foundation Director)

* Luis Villa (Former Director of the Open Source Initiative and the GNOME Foundation; contributor to the GPL v3 drafting process)

* Stefano Zacchiroli (Former Debian Project Leader and Former Director of the Open Source Initiative)


* https://rms-open-letter.github.io

They can all still grow up, I hope. But the probabilities are slim. Still, it would probably be a bad idea to ostracize all of them just because they say weird things.

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