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Donating 8 hours design time to any project (jasonstrachan.com)
17 points by Cheeese on June 15, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 19 comments

I'm pretty satisfied with my Hacker Newsletter page (http://www.hackernewsletter.com) and run A/B tests on it all the time, but would love to get some help & feedback on the actual email itself (last issue here - http://bit.ly/mKaMq2). It needs updating, but haven't figured out where to start yet.

For anyone thats interested, I decided to donate time to Open Home Pro. Here's a quick outline of what I looked at:

- Quick logo design and colour palette to establish a more credible brand - Added related illustration to help sell the idea - Moved the call to action up and made it more visible (download button) - Restructured the content so the user understands why the app could be use before diving into more detail with the video

You can find the mockup here: http://www.jasonstrachan.com/clients/openhomepro/

Thanks, Jason

Jason, If you could help, I definitely need design help on my completely bootstrapped project on a socializing site for Indians.

The application is at http://www.koffeekya.com

The magazine is at http://www.koffeekya.com/pandora

Our business plan is being put together in bits and pieces at: http://www.koffeekya.com/pandora/category/business-plan

I could use some help http://gamma.getvouched.com

It is not intuitive, and I need to lead the users into doing what I want them to do (vouch for themselves, import contacts, vouch for others).

Some quick feedback:

Is this a job-listing site, or a resume/reputation site? Choose one and stick with it. Give me actual social proof (FB's Facepile or just generic testimonials by industry) on the front page. Don't use the words "get social proof" on the front page: nobody knows what that means. Move the Register button to the right. Give me a time estimate on how long the process takes. Reassure me there isn't any writing involved. Reel me in with promises of what your app does for me (show the process!), not descriptions of how it does them. Give me a reason to expect positive ROI. The animated screencaps are too small to read or make sense of - fix them or annotate them. Give users a portable widget or badge (digg button, like button) to embed elsewhere and lead people to your site. Visit howaboutwe.com, steal liberally.

The clip art isn't helping.

Nice work, I'm in the middle of redesigning my web app and I could use some input and an extra hand. http://www.foodtrucksmap.com/la/

You have a really impressive portfolio!

I would really appreciate some design time on skinnyo.com, the look I would like to go for would be a warm and friendly web app - not a feeling you currently get...

I would love some help designing the site and UI for my startup autotax.me

Its a tax platform that will help automate taxes for small businesses. If your're interested my email is cameronkeng@gmail.com

Why are you donating your time? By the looks of things, you're quite talented and can charge quite a bit. Unless money isn't your motivation, which is entirely plausible.

The freelance design business is great right now, sometimes I get work on interesting projects, but rarely in the startup world. Thats probably the most interesting space to be doing UX right now hence the post.

I have also done this before for Simple Invoices: http://www.jasonstrachan.com/?p=290

Thanks everyone for the interest, I have narrowed it down to two and emailed you both.

Chances are I'll be doing this again in a month or two so lookout for that if you still need a hand.

Cheers, Jason

You have a lot of options, but we would love some feedback on http://grouptalent.com

If you're up for taking a look at my Android project's UI, please shoot me a message: matt_p_green (at) Microsoft's now-lukewarm-mail-service .com


Beautiful work. Any chance you'd help me out? http://testplanmanagement.com

Wow Jason that's amazing :-)

I sure would need some help with my post reg screen at HTTP://kidous.com, if you need to get a brief I can write one too.

Would love some help redesigning CloudFab's site (www.cloudfab.com) - we know it certainly needs it. Email me, justin@cloudfab.com

Would love it for help with openhomepro.com if you are interested? email me andrew@openhomepro.com

This will get me downvoted, but I cannot resist: How about donating it to Google Wave?

hey guys

good luck to all those who enter, Jason made the same offer last year - and my project SimpleInvoices.org was choses

jason produced a great design

refer: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2659888

thanks again jason!!



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