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Ask HN: Bootstrap Design Help for a Developer?
2 points by evancaine 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Hi HN, what are your goto tools and resources when using bootstrap. Specifically, to make bootstrap look less like bootstrap. I'm working on a side project and as with all my side projects, I really struggle with the design.

I've tried using pre-built templates and themes before but once I've finished modifying them to match my content, they don't look as good anymore. The thing that works great for me is to just use standard, unmodified bootstrap. It stops me worrying about the design and everything looks presentable. But now the project is nearly finished and I want to customize the design a bit.

https://bootswatch.com/ is great. Are there any others people can recommend?

When I worked as a freelance webdeveloper a few years ago I always asked a designer to make a design and talk to the client about it. Then i got the design an it would take the sass or less code of bootstrap and change all the variables to match the color and look. Then i would copy and past something together that roughly looks likt the design and i would add custom css and javascript to make it look exactly how the design was.

So my advice would be start with an design or idea and after that is done start coding.

Bootstrap should look like Bootstrap.

It exhibits the materiality.

If you don't like the way Bootstrap looks, use a different material.

Or rebuild your content to the material.

That's design.

The rebuilding. The doing it again, I mean.

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